Dreamies, Cat Advent Calendar Morrisons £0.50

Dreamies, Cat Advent Calendar Morrisons £0.50

LocalFound 9th Dec 2013
Found in Morrison's, Liskeard. Dreamies advent Calendar for cats. Was £3 now £0.50. Treats everyday and a toy on the 25th
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wow what a bargain!
Have never seen these.
Any dog ones? Wouldn't want her feeling left out

Any dog ones? Wouldn't want her feeling left out

The shelf sign did say 50p for Pedigree dog advent calendars however didn't see any stock in Liskeard Morrisons
Oh dear! They'll be one for hamsters and rabbits soon :-/ good price though for 25 treats.
Great stuff. The kids will love these (_;)
Is this an advent calendar for cats?
There are approx 10 treats behind each door!!
Thanks OP
My cats have got these! There's 15 treats behind every door and they go crazy for them every morning. It's so cute lol Heat added
My cats don't really like the treats and get bored after 5 minutes with the toy, however as a crazy cat lady, I buy these every year for them in the hope they will appreciate the thought!

Have some heat
Was going to buy this in sainsburys last week but thought you only got 1 treat each day - doh!
Garfield loved it :-)
Crazy idea but our cat loves them!
I've been looking out for these. even at full price I'd buy them but I can't find them in stock anywhere :-(
These were about £3 in Co-Op last week, great find! Heat added
Thanks, heat !
Great price Thanks, heat !
I also caught a Flamedeer Thank you!!!
commercialism at its maddest.
This would ideal if my cat understood Christmas, unfortunately I think I must have a thick pet as unlike all your cats it doesn't get Christmas, mine only just understands it's name.
Cheaper than buying the treats, hot from me...
Great deal
Damn just bought one in Asda for £1.50.
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