dreamies cat treats with toy £1 Poundworld

dreamies cat treats with toy £1 Poundworld

Found 10th Dec 2016
dreamies cat treats with toy found in PoundWorld..A little gift for your furry friend this Xmas :-p
was told it was national..hope its of some use to someone!

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A pussy can never have enough toys
Poundland or Pound World?
pound world.. i did put pound world when i submitted it but it's been changed ?! can someone fix it pls.
Bargain, I paid £2:75 last week from Wilko's.
Jesus! Just paid £2.75 for this from Wilkinsons!!!!!!
I'm sure I just received a £1 off coupon through the door. Will have to check the bin. Heat
My cat treated this toy with disdain, she just looks at me until I nudge a treat out. I love it though, provides lots of fun for stupid humans and well worth a quid
Shame I didn't see any in our local Poundworld the other day... Paid £2.75 in Wilko for the Snacky Mouse yesterday! Nice find OP.
Is it just me or was this part of an Apprentice task
good find op, heat added
thanks our 2 love dreamies

not sure about the toy mouse , enough live ones around here to keep them entertained
Charlie says " Meow" about this.
IF there's not a Poundworld near you, Amazon have 4 of these for £6.76 - works out at £1.69 each - better than the £2.75 at Wilko!!
Please don't feed your cats this crack.
Had my cat at the vets yesterday and I said he loves Dreamies,The first words out of the vets mouth was "Cat crack"Then didn't say they were good or bad.
Also paid £2.75 in Wilko!
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