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Dredd (4K Ultra-HD) (+ Blu-ray 2D) - £13.84 @ Amazon

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A German import, but this is about the lowest I've seen it (Camel had it at lowest price of £14.83), frustratingly I don't think it ever got a 4k release in the UK. Time to upgrade my Blu-ray copy. Thought Karl Urban was great

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Dredd 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray / Import / Set includes a 4K Ultra HD disc / Region B Blu Ray disc. Language Track: 4K Blu Ray: English 5.1 DTS HD / German 5.1 DTS HD Mega City One - a gigantic metropolis full of violence, chaos and crime in the midst of dark and disintegrated America. Residents are suffering and more and more are falling into the new drug Slo-Mo, which makes them experience reality in extreme slow motion. Only the "judges" can fight against the crimes in their city, only they have the power as judges and enforcers to ensure law and order. Dredd, feared as the supreme "judge", wants to free the city from its plagues. Together with his new recruit, Cassandra Anderson, he takes up the fight against Ma-Ma, a drug lord who reigns ice-cold over the city's largest slum. When Dredd and Anderson get a henchman from their unscrupulous clan, Ma-Ma sparks a bitter war in which she shies away from nothing to protect her empire. The death toll is rising, and Dredd and Anderson must go to their extremes in this merciless struggle to stay alive....) Bonus: Term bonus material approx. 43 min.; 6 featurettes; Interviews with Cast

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    Here is the back cover if anyone interested
    This release only has the 2D version on the blu ray disc and has DTS-HD 5.1..The US release has Atmos audio and had the 2D and 3D version in the blu ray ( for anyone who still likes a bit of 3D!). However I've read online that the audio and picture quality (as I would hope) are far better than the audio on the UK blu ray release so we'll worth the upgrade I think . This release also has Dolby Vision and HR10 while the USA release only has HDR10 though the reviews I've seen between the two say not a big difference between then but that's probably as much to do with the excellent visual style of the film itself.
    48950214_1.jpg (edited)
    The audio on this German one is nowhere near as good as the USA 4K - its not even close trust me. So be wary of that - I would buy the USA 4K - I got it on release.

    We are not just talking more spatial sounds etc - the actual sound quality with the Atmos track is far better than the 5.1 DTS track which sounds muffled and a bit distorted in comparison. (edited)
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    Dredd 2 with Karl Urban currently has no timetable for release, though the sequel movie is not moving forward.
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    Good price I paid this last year. Pretty sure this release does not have Dolby Atmos however, just the original 5.1 track. Think the US version is the only one with Atmos I may be wrong!
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    Sadly no english subtitles, otherwise it would've been an instant buy.
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    Fantastic movie 🔥🔥🔥
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    Best way to watch this movie is in 3D imo.
    A heck of a lot cheaper to get hold of too.
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    Respect the badge......he earned it with his blood.
    Fear the gun - your sentence may be death because...
    I AM THE LAW! (edited)
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    Excellent film, so deserves a sequel!
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    Are your ready?

    You don't look ready! (edited)
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    Really must watch this again, it's an absolute classic. Think I have the US 4K disc.
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    Its a great film I think and one of those ones which I think it didn't get enough attention. I just through the whole concept of getting trapped in this mega tower and taking on a new recruit added a new element of survival.
    Agree greatt movie.
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    Great hdr on this one and anyone with atmos will be in for a treat.
    I had the usa 4k steelbook a while ago , unfortunately Royal mail damaged it so didn't keep it . That was way back in the when Royal mail actually delivered items !
    @callum_guy below is right (according to Amazon) no Atmos although the 5.1 DTS HD will be enough for some (especially the neighbours!)
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    The 3 D version is great!
    Agreed it's one of the only films actually worth watching in 3D
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    Still trying to get this and the original as steelbooks without paying ridiculous prices
    Would help if they release the UHD discs in the UK!
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    Great movie and great 4K presentation but these discs always disappoint with no director or star commentary tracks.
    Probably no commentary track as the official director was sidelined and the writer Alex Garland took over finishing it . Hes an excellent director himself (Ex Machina for instance) but none of his films have commentaries so with that and the studio politics is probably not surprising. Would love one with Karl Urban though ....and I want a sequel lol
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    Been looking out for this... Thanks OP.

    This will be a nice upgrade as standard blu ray picture quality is a tad soft for my liking.
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    Hi,am enjoying your 4k Blu-ray post keep up the good work OP
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    Amazing film. Quality 4K transfer. Insane price. Have some well deserved heat, great find.
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    Brilliant film a proper close to Dredd
    Got the American one a couple of years ago looks stunning
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    Still waiting for the Mega City One series that was supposed to out long before now
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    Loved this film, but the (SPOILER) bit where they throw the bloke off the building and time is slowed down is absolutely terrifying.
    A very, very unpleasant thought. (edited)