Dresden - FREE album download
Dresden - FREE album download

Dresden - FREE album download

Dresden are a 5 piece modernist indie pop band from Manchester.

Feel free to download the 8 track debut album from Dresden for free, or name your own price. Give as much or as little as you want (to get it for free, just put 0.00 as the price)

Get it now from: dresdenmusic.com

Enjoy the album and please leave feedback/thoughts, and spread the word.

If its not your cup of tea, thanks for listening, and at least it was free

Join the facebook group at - facebook.com/gro…=ts

If you like it, link to dresdenmusic.com in your status update and help us get more people to listen.


/end shameless self promotion


0.00 lol

nothing works

Original Poster

Some people have been having problems with the site

Give it another go, and if you till have problems please email support@bandcamp.com

works great for me
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