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Samsung Evo Plus 64GB microSDXC Class 10 Memory Card £7.38 delivered w/code @ Dresslily
Refreshed 22nd NovRefreshed 22nd Nov
Samsung Evo Plus 64GB microSDXC for £7.38 with Free Delivery. You'll need to use the code CCCQS at checkout to get this price.

I ordered one which came today. Given it claims to have been made in China and Samsung say they only make them in Korea or the Philippines it isn't going to be legitimate. The capacity is 64GB (strictly 60GB once 1Gb=1024Mb. The speed doesn't seem to be anywhere near the 60MB/s write and 100MB/s read, closer to 30MByte/s according to h2testw; though that could be down to local variables?


Mine arrived today, passed all the visual checks, H2testw results show full 64GB Will test in the GoPro later


Well the 64 gb card arrived and clicked on properties and its a working 64gb card. Formatted it and have it in my Nextbase InCarCam 512GW 6.8 MP Dashboard Camera and so far no probs. (y)


Will do woldranger (y)


Looks fake.

Batman baby hat/blanket (free delivery) 82p at Dresslily
Found 3 h, 5 m agoFound 3 h, 5 m ago
So the description of this product isn't great - I'm not sure if there is a pouch baby will lay within or if they lay on top. Either way i thought it was cute and 82p with free del… Read more

Saw these on Wish. Not for me but cute for a photo.


I absolutely agree - but calling something someone else may like "cheap trash" isn't exactly polite is it? Where do you think the majority of your wardrobe comes from? Most likely third world countries. Probably similar factories to those producing items like these. I'm not saying it's going to be the best quality and I agree I wouldn't buy this personally, however I added it on the site for those who may be interested in the novelty of a batman hat and cape for their baby.


I'm not being rude but you can get better clothes from charity shops


Couldn't buy it. The payment screen was asking for a 4 digit security code (back three digits). Wouldn't let me proceed with the payment.


You're entitled to an opinion but no need to be rude, different folks have different budgets and may not be able to afford luxury items for novelties sake.

Mermaid Tail blanket I'm S and M sizes (free delivery) £5.77 Del @ Dresslily
Found 3 h, 6 m agoFound 3 h, 6 m ago
Seems a good price for amermauf blanket. Also available in different colours but a bit more in price.
Get dealGet deal

Face palm moment !!


Now this is the sort of pointless gimicky impractical, use once then clog your cupboard with, present that Christmas is all about


I dont need anything else to stop my kids getting their butts of the sofa


Whoosh, did you hear that sound of something rushing straight over your head. (y)


Ooooh the irony.....

3.5 Inch Raspberry Pi 3B+ Display Raspberry Pi 3B+ Touch Display Plus Touch Pen £9.07 Delivered at Dresslily
12/01/2019Expires on 12/01/2019Found 17 h, 49 m agoFound 17 h, 49 m ago
Good price for the 3.5" touch display and touch pen. Perfect for your next Pi project. Think this would be pretty good as a portable emulator setup! You'll need to use the code ' … Read more

Paid for an item with dresslily never got it. Don’t trust them.


What does this do, I've heard the name a few times and I just wondered if anyone would mind explaining?


I have this , couldn't get it working with my PI B+


Would it work on the model 3 a+


I got one of these in an earlier deal. The resolution is useless for Raspbian, as there is just about enough room for the menu and not much else. It also requires drivers to work through the HAT as the RPi defaults to HDMI on booting. If you are dual booting via NOOBS then the boot selecter screen will not display on this.

Sonoff Basic WiFi Smart Switch - only £3.18 @ Dresslily
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 21 h, 43 m agoFound 21 h, 43 m ago
Sonoff Basic WiFi Wireless Smart Switch in great price 3.99$ (3.18 GBP) with code SOSNOF on Dresslily. Price without shipping insurance. Advised payment by PayPal.

..and don’t expect any help/refund if anything goes wrong. Some headphones I bought from them arrived faulty. I raised tickets with them, emailed them etc several times but didn’t get a single response.


I already have some under cupboard lighting installed, but not smart. Can I install these to an existing setup?


Can’t get code to work - says it’s restricte


ESP 8285, no gpio14 (gpio2 instead), no more soldered tracks, added fuse. Just flashed 6 of these with tasmota, so far it works. If you're going to the same remember to flash experimental fw otherwise on board button won't switch the relay.


Thanks very much, from what I remember of the first that’s quite a change

SONOFF S26 WiFi Smart Plug Socket - UK Plug (Works with Alexa, Google Home + iOS & Android) £5.96 w/code @ Dresslily
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 22 h, 31 m agoFound 22 h, 31 m ago
Sonoff S26 Wifi smart plug (UK plug) for £5.96 with code UKDLON . This is the newer Sonoff Smart plug and is more compact than the older S20 version and works with Google Home and… Read more

Seriously, What Electronic kit in the last twenty years have you bought that has not been MADE in the Far East...???


Rog who? Muted - not interested in anything you have to say mate


Similar items tend not to work very well. Sonoff stuff is respected and relatively expensive by comparison if buying from UK hence the amount of heat these deals receive. I don't expect you to understand or for our experience to enlighten you though your 'crusade' is unnecessary, we know what we're doing (saving money on goods we don't need yesterday).


Just observing - similar can be bought cheaper on Amazon, arrive in a day or two , if they don't arrive or are duff then money back in a heartbeat - how long for delivery or a refund with a Chinese seller ? But its a free country you can spend your money where you wish . Be honest we all know all this stuff is made in the same factory/s just a different brand name stamped on the bottom .


Where in the UK do these come from ? err …. not Hot , Not UK and not a deal , 0 out of 3 aint bad (skeptical)

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One Christmas Snowman Chair Cover 84p delivered w/code at Dresslily
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
This probably won't be here in time for Christmas this year (although you never know) but at just 84p delivered, it's worth putting away for next year. To get the price drop, use … Read more

£2.41 shipping and discount only on 1 item at a time


Picked these up in Poundstretcher for £3.49 for a pack of 4 and good quality if you need them for this xmas and you can stretch for the extra 23p :)


free shipping is on orders of £32 or over

Convoy C8+ XPL HI Portable LED Flashlight 6000 - 6500K now £12.19 Del w/code @ Dresslily
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Seems a really decent price - normally around £22 the next best is £15.96 in a flash sale at GearBest - excellent reviews across the net You need to use code QC1208P at checkou… Read more

18650 battery is not included. IMO its expensive.


Regularly £14-15 on convoys web store on Ali, a good price though for a proper 16850 high drain powerful torch

4 Ports QC3.0 Fast Charging Car Charger Black £1.64 delivered w/code @ Dresslily
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 7th DecFound 7th Dec
4 Ports QC3.0 Fast Charging Car Charger black for £1.64 delivered using code QC1207F - remember to untick the auto insurance at checkout to get this price. Paypal payment option.… Read more

QC1207F code expired


U wot


Dam forgot to untick the insurance (mad) had to pay £2.56 cost me an extra 90p. Wonder if i will get it any quicker paying the insurance :D still a good buy.


8% or 16% Quidco too


To be honest i wouldn't hold your breath to get it before Christmas i order a small Groot plant pot and ordered it in oct 15 and only got it a couple of days ago. At least i still got it and have ordered before from them and it took about 4 weeks to come so like i say don't hold your breath.

Retroflag MEGAPI MD Case with Functional Power Button for Raspberry Pi £15.59 w/code  @ Dresslily
Refreshed 4th DecRefreshed 4th Dec
Pop in a Raspberry Pi and away you go - Beats the PS One Classic by a mile (see the reviews!) For Raspberry Pi 3B+ / 3B / 2B / B+ Use code GHEWC at checkout - Safe shutdow… Read more

Where did you see the detail about it being able to be used with a Retro Pi? I couldn't see anything anywhere on the page about it


Can anyone recommend what pad to buy for this? Ideally as close to the Original Megadrive 6 button pad would be good...?


I actually have 2 model 1s,(both Japanese original complete in box ).and also the best “EverDrive” cart which cost me £150 and 20 original complete “MegaDrive” carts. the problem is my new TV is HDMI only.so can’t use any of that stuff and AV/SCART to HDMI convertors are no good and need seperate power adaptor etc..too much hassle with no good result. I’m looking into the new “Analogue Mega SG” FPGA Sega system but it’s expensive $200+ so maybe not..or maybe the new “Hyperkin MegaRetron” which is getting really good reviews and takes original carts and everdrive too.costs $50 so should be around £40 but not yet available in UK. its vastly superior to other clone systems made by horrible “at games” and others. I don’t like PI ,I no longer have time and energy to mess with this kind of DIY stuff,loading loader,rom,tweaking,customizing,etc I want something ready to plug and play and well represented with close to original performance.


Sorry for being thick but where does the fan go? I can see what looks like posts for it to screw onto but it looks like the fan would be underneath the pi board not above it?


I have one like this in mine Link

Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Bluetooth 4.0 smart scales with 10 functions £33.88 delivered with code @ Dresslily
28/12/2018Expires on 28/12/2018Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Use code IGNBH at checkout for price to drop from £76.60 to £33.88. Next best price is £42.88 delivered so over 20% saving. Xiaomi smart body scale adopts advanced BIA technology … Read more

Is the bluetooth functionality there to provide a notification on your phone on how much you weigh? "This morning you're even more of a fatter c**t"


20% cashback for new accounts with Quidco. Be aware shipping costs can be £0 when checking out. Otherwise it shows as estimate of £27 for UK


What do I need a scale for? It shows the second saddest figure about me. The saddest is the balance in my bank account, which will be made sadder if I buy it...


£35 in official xiaomi store in london with 2yrs warranty. Sorry. Cold from me.

HUAWEI HONOR Magic Watch - GPS / NFC support / AMOLED / Activity Trackert £91.97 w/code @ Dresslily
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Such a good looking watch for the cash here. Kitted out well enough with GPS and NFC support. The title says "1 week battery life" Although looking at other places, this isn't incl… Read more

Worth a punt at that price


any deals on the stratos ?


Does anyone know yet if the custom os they are using causes any issues in using Google fit with this. Do for example going ruining without your phone then syncing the run to a fit account?


I assume this isn't Google WearOS, therefore it's not Huawei /Honor doing anything, as G pay will only work on Google software. Likewise, in Apple's defence they too can't currently have instigated G Pay even if they wanted to and I must (reluctantly) give them credit for their Apple Pay implementation and pushing for the raise in the transaction limit. So, perhaps, blame Google, although when it comes to security for payments, this is a serious matter that does hinder software cross pollination somewhat.


So will this work with google pay or have Honour done an apple and will only work with their software

Universal Transparent Shell Fast Charging Wireless Charger 10W/ £4.43 with code @ Dresslily
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
PRODUCT INFORMATION Input voltage: 5V / 2A, 9V / 1.7A Wireless output: 5V / 1A , 9V / 1.3A Charging current: 750mAh-1000mAh Charging power: up to 10W Transmission distance: maximum… Read more

This was my very first thought! (skeptical)


£5 in Poundland for what looks like the same charger


Always worry about cheap chargers....are they worth the risk of burning the house down?



gocomma 300 Holes Shower Head Handheld Water Saving Bathroom High-pressure Boost Rainfall With Chrome ABS - £1.63 (with code) @ Dressily
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Have you ever experienced stress for low water pressure when taking shower? It is really a tiresome problem for doing shower. Whether you want to save money by saving water or do a… Read more

Code has expired (:I :/ 😔


Claim on the insurance as soon as it goes rusty.


You did not unchecked insurance checkbox on checkout page. It is checked by default. I nearly did same mistake last time. So be careful next time.


Bought this for what I thought was £1.63 but then found out on my paypal transaction I'd actually paid £2.52 as they'd sneakly added 90p insurance P'd me off a bit!


Lol, your not really selling it to me (y)

Lenovo Watch 9 Bluetooth Smartwatch / Fitness Tracker (supports iOS and Android) Constellation Edition £13.83 delivered w/code @ Dresslily
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Thought this was a little bit different from the plain versions - would make great stocking fillers / Christmas gifts Currently £29.19 on site but if you use code HDLSSS at check… Read more

I have the black one. Piece of junk. App supported is made by Somalian kids. Not worth even 1 pound.




...most certainly you won't get these delivered before Xmas anyway, so idea of using them as stocking fillers is dead in the water (cheeky)


I'd avoid. Despite being an inexpensive watch, there are more issues than useful features. In the end, I went and bought another watch because getting this, got me back into the habit of wearing a watch. ● Display Health Parameters THE APP displays the time, date, steps, distance and calories clearly. Your phone running the app, meaning this in effect an analog data collector with a very rudimentary indicator for your daily target activity. ● Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate monitor feature, refers to the app, not the watch. This watch does NOT have a heart rate monitor. All the app does is ask you to place your finger over the camera lense (good luck doing that after indulging in some KFC) which then switches on the flash and calculates your BPM. You can do that without purchasing the watch, just download the app or I'm sure there are others out there. ● Sync Sports Data When Bluetooth paired your smartphone, you can sync your data to Android and iOS phone. It gives you a real-time assessment of your exercise throughout the day. Meh, works kinda. ● Sleep Monitor Are you curious about your sleep quality? Sleep monitor function will give you the answer, again, Meh, works kinda. The occasional day mysteriously doesn't appear on the app. ● Call / APP Message Reminder Vibration motor is very weak, so more often than not, those SMS's or appointment's you're waiting for, get missed. ● Alarm Clock Vibration motor is very weak, there is no way this thing is going to wake you up. It just bzzzzz for 4 pulses and that's it. The watch face is Very small. Looks like a toy when on a mid-sized wrist. Quality issues in some of the watches being sent out. Often misaligned watch faces/hands that just remind you it's cheap for a reason, if yours has been glossed over in quality control it'll remind you every time you look at it. Biggest issue with this watch, is the crown. The push crown has several actions depending on how long it is pressed for. Unless you wear the watch firmly against the wrist, it will slip with the result that inadvertently during wearing you may press the crown for several seconds. This causes the watch to turn off. More times that I can care to remember I've looked at the watch thinking I've got plenty of time, only to then later realise that the watch is still showing the same time it did hours ago. You then adapt to it by staring to see if the seconds hand is moving, which if you've pressed it briefly acts upon the watch to show you where you are with your daily target activity - which can stop it moving for 30 seconds. You're left guessing is it showing me the time or not. It's a stocking filler for a nephew or niece. It's not a useful dumb-smartwatch.


Bought one for similar a few months back mainly out of interest to see what they could do for such a small amount of money. In truth it was junk, very surprised Lenovo put their brand name on it. Interface is terrible. App is terrible. Connectivity is terrible. Reliability is terrible. Build quality is decent for the money, but it's not worth the hassle. Not voted as the deal price is fine if you want one, but I can't recommend it.

Xiaomi 70mai dash cam with WiFi & voice control DVR International version 1080p,130 degree wide angle £22.76 delivered with code @ Dresslily
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Cheapest price this has been yet. Use code GOOOD at checkout for price to drop to £22.76 Xiaomi 70mai Smart WiFi Car DVR, with Sony IMX323 image sensor, provides a superb qualit… Read more

To be honest I was half joking. However you never can tell


Hi please let us know about how it's performing


Just received mine.... How do you spot a fake?


A lot of fake ones of these


Just bought YI for front but might buy this one as a rear cam... Any experience guys?

ORICO BS16 - SV Mini Pocket Heavy Bass Bluetooth Speaker - £5.80 delivered @ Dresslily
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
I think this is only for today, so best hurry. All items on this page 50% off with the same code: https://www.dresslily.com/smart-home-under-20-c-334.html Main Features … Read more

I was stood outside in my wife’s dressing gown.. (:I


Or maybe it was Cuadrilla fracking in your area. (mad)


Didn't know the police publish what they find to civilians in other people's houses ;)


My neighbours were throwing a crazy house party the other week. I complained cos my house was shaking. Police raided them and they found this tiny speaker.. weird. (lol)


If you're gonna boast at least spell it correctly. :{

Cyber Monday Deals - Dresslily
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Utorch CREE XPL V6 Portable LED Flashlight with Hand Strap https://www.dresslily.com/utorch-cree-xpl-v6-portable-product6962101.html Code: CBBER13 £5.31 E27 Smart Bluetooth… Read more

You and me both


Thanks for all the deals! I wonder, where did you get all the specific codes? As I wish to get some 50% discount for certain items like what someone shared for Sonoff smart plug before. Thank you!


Fab effort, thanks @poogle

Convoy S2+ Cree XML2 U2 1B 940Lm 7135 x 6 8-mode LED Flashlight £5.75 @ Dresslily
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
I know there's lots of these flying around but with the darker months in and the high output on this coupled with the price it's too good not to buy Main Features: ● Drive… Read more

Got one from Dresslily a few weeks ago. It's a super floody light and mine came with a way off centre led. Works well though.


Technically the torch itself isn't, but the batteries you can buy are such as rechargeable 18650s.


Just a heads up for anyone ordering this, it's a superb torch but you will need to make sure you get a 18650 Li-ion battery for it (the kind you use in an e-cig vaper).


Should read the reviews on Trustpilot https://www.trustpilot.com/review/dresslily.com It appears if you don't receive an item - it's your fault! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear ......, We are extremely sorry regarding this delivery failure. We regret to inform you that the shipping company FedEx is responsible not only for this issue,but also for making sure that all parcels they ship are successfully received. Since they couldn't contact with you in the delivery period, they had to returned the package. According to their policy the parcel will be either be destroyed or abandoned. Technically, DressLily is not liable for this. Therefore there should be no compensation in such case. Once again we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Best Regards Vivian DressLily Customer Service


Does anyone know if this Company send you an dispatch email when you buy as a guest, as I bought a Torch a Couple of Weeks back as a guest but not had any email yet?

Xiaomi 1.5L Electric Water Kettle Auto Power-off Protection £21.35 @ Dresslily
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Didn't know Xiaomi did kettles but here it is Xiaomi Electric Kettle is designed for you to have safe and healthy water drinking. Featured with 1.5L large capability, quick boilin… Read more

They guys in the Westfield Mi store reckon this kettle was flying off the shelves. They were out of stock when I arrived at 10am on Black Friday. Not sure how much the UK store price was, however.


sketchy website


Am I reading this correctly? Stainless Steel internal layer - that's something. Double layer - is this means double layer insulated thermal, like Contigo cups?


That's the longest 'feature' list for a kettle I have ever seen!


Is it me or is there no water indicator on this? You'd have to guess how much 1, 2, 3 mugs are when filling up. Bad design

Aqara Smart Window Door Sensor Intelligent Home Security at Dresslily for £4.92
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
The Aqara smart windows door sensor can detect the opening and closing of door and windows and send a notification to your phone via the APP. With the ability of matching with othe… Read more

Code expired


Door sensors on the various entrances around my house. They are tied into my home security routine on SmartThings along with Xiaomi motion sensors and blink cams.


Cool, out of curiosity what do you use them for?


No, sorry, most of the time was on Gearbest or Ali Express. A have good experiences with both of those, buy Gearbest dispatches and delivers quicker.


Hmm, maybe a dodgy one then. I have 4 and they're all faultless.