DRIFT - Daydream VR "bullet time" game half price £5.49 (was £10.49)

DRIFT - Daydream VR "bullet time" game half price £5.49 (was £10.49)

Found 9th Dec 2017
This has been on my wishlist for a while! It's like Rez with Cuphead or Dark Soul's level of difficulty, but in VR....

It's bullet time where you are the bullet flying through the scene, tilting your head to move around objects.

Most of the time you crash into walls, then playing the level again. You do have a limited amount of slow-mo juice to slow you down a bit. You get better though after each session and it feels amazing. Saturdays you have unlimited slow-mo.

Not for the casual gamer though. You have to keep at it.
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Thanks OP. I actually bought hunters gate, which I thought was good for £2.99
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