Driller Killer DVD £1.00 @ Poundworld
Driller Killer DVD £1.00 @ Poundworld

Driller Killer DVD £1.00 @ Poundworld

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I have not seen the film, so it may be naff
but it is instore at Poundworld for £1.00.
If your interested.



It's the worst film I've ever seen.


poor review -

1979 film - pretty old (like me)

sounds overpriced

It's a totally 'naff' film. But it's also a classic, one of the original video nasties.


It's the worst film I've ever seen.:o

I second that quote!

I really mean it too, been the worst film I have seen for quite a while now, not even Ace Ventura 2 was this bad...

Look out for the bit where he is outside somewhere (a park or something) with a drill....a CORDED drill....very ****** film lol.

Probly worth a quid to have a good laugh at it.


sorry voted cold..... u get all sorts of dvds for a quid nowadays..... nowt special esp an old rubbish one

I know it's a classic, but I thought it was a bit pants to be honest

Used to be banned, obviously not lasted the test of time and compared to the likes of Saw etc...its probably tame as anything...Better left to memory!

yeah remember this, i saw it before was banned, along with i spit of your grave, zombie flesh eaters etc etc, like all of above pretty rubbish, alothough flesh eaters was a laugh

Easiest bargain ever seen on here.... follow the advice, and don't buy it:

A Pound saved!

Truly awful movie.

I love this movie, it's one of Director's Abel Ferrara early movies but a chilling and disturbing classic.
Abel is probably better known for his later works like king of new york, bad lieutenant and the funeral but if you like his work then this is an excellent price. I know there are some serious continuity problems and some dodgy scenes (corded drill etc) but come on, in those days there weren't that many post production continuity teams as there are today and yet there are still loads of errors in modern films. I paid more for it but hopefully my local pound store will have it so I can get a few for my friends as stocking fillers.

A lot can be said for continuity, etc. but this film is awful. Terrible storyline, terrible acting, and some serious plot flaws. Bad storyline will always make for a poor film, and this has a BAAAAD storyline.

Nuff said.

it's an art film - not a horror film.
i love the bit with the band constantly rehearsing their bad song, driving the killer mad.
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