Drinking Glasses - 50p each @ M&S (in store) !

Drinking Glasses - 50p each @ M&S (in store) !

Found 24th Oct 2007
I went into my local M&S today (Norwich) and they had Drinking Tumblers for 50p each, really nice glasses, 3 designs, i cant find them on the website but they are in a big display in store.( first post, sorry for any mistakes).


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Title need to reflect the deal.. changing now.

Whisky & Beer/Squash Tumblers:thumbsup:

tey are always there.. the bargain is wen they are half price!!! always buy them they r fab glasses.. good price at full price as well though

M&S have always sold glasses at this price !


Glasses always this price

One syle box of tweleve six short six long five pounds
even beter

Well I've never noticed them in there. Maybe I haven't looked though thinking everything would be more expensive than that. But I will go and have a look now, Thanks.

no problem im gonna get a box today myself

Anyone got a digital camera and can upload to imageshack.us and link here?

today i brought box of 12 tumblers had 20% off £4.00 BARGAIN

then off couse my staff discount hahahahhahhahhahhahahhahhahahhahahahh
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