Drive - Bluray £9.99 Pre-Order @ Sainsburys - TODAY ONLY

Drive - Bluray £9.99 Pre-Order @ Sainsburys - TODAY ONLY

Found 1st Dec 2011
Not seen this but got very good reviews.
A great price for Pre-Order. TODAY ONLY.
DVD only £8.99

Directed by Nicholas Winding Refn and the winner of the Best Director award at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. DRIVE is the story of a Hollywood stunt driver by day (Ryan Gosling), a loner by nature, who moonlights as a top-notch getaway driver-for-hire in the criminal underworld. He finds himself a target for some of LA's most dangerous men after agreeing to aid the husband of his beautiful neighbour, Irene (Carey Mulligan). When the job goes dangerously awry, the only way he can keep Irene and her son alive is to do what he does best—Drive!
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Ordered this, superb film! Ordered quite a few of these daily Sainsburys deals!...
Awfully dull film, nice chases scenes and music but bad film.
It's an excellent film, and if I didn't have it already I'd be voting it hot!
I turned it off a third of the way through cos it was too slow but Im going to give it another go I think
Soundtrack is awesome
film of the year for me.. loved it hot hot hot
Good movie - nice price thanks
This film is superb....its shot in an entirely different way to most films and those who say its 'crap' although an opinion is an opinion, probably do not understand the whole concept of the film!
Also can get the Exclusive steelbook for a few quid more…685
he dont do much taking in it
he dont do much talking in it
I know that the debate will continue but put me down as one of those who hated this film!
Not terrible but
film of the year
Good movie seen it!
Very good movie , mixing the Ryan O Neal flick Driver with something like the Royal Tenabaums or other art house tosh . Soundtrack is the real winner .
Get the steelbook blu-ray for £12.99 ... I posted that deal a month ago. Check my profile. Excellent movie.
This film is excellent. Steer clear if you want fast paced action as it is a slow burner. The soundtrack is worth £9.99 alone so this is a top deal.

Heat. You understand?
Got well bumped by Vue when my and OH went to see this, they described it as an actiony film like it was gonna be along the lines of Fast and Furious - instead we got to see Ryan Gosling take 5 second pauses before AND after every time he spoke like he was a bit slow First 5/10 minutes was great, though :LOL

he dont do much taking in it

Have repped you guy for making me smile thinking of Big Ern and the adopt a kid…MYg
I watched it in the cinema and felt as though I'd just been mugged! I didn't like or enjoy it.
Loved it but already ordered steelbook from HMV - Have some heat
Great film and one of the best of 2011.
Grab the soundtrack too
This film is truly excellent. A little 80's retro and awesome soundtrack!!!
Do Sainsburys take the money straight away or on despatch?
or get the steelbook from HMV for £12.99
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Great fllm this, thoroughly enjoyed it at the cinema and will be picking up the Blu Ray for sure.
Good film heat added...not the usual run of the mill mainstream crap got a bit of the old tarantino feel to it....
I'm a steelbook fiend, but man this is a great price for a film whose optimum home viewing is 1080, 5.1 lossless and extremely loud.
Style over substance, sure, but man is it iconic, glorious, amazing, and Mr. Gosling, what a performer.
I think the main reason why some people didn't really enjoy the film is due to expectations not being met.

Hollywood stunt driver by day, loner by night, moonlights as a getaway driver, finds himself a target of some of LA's hardest criminals. The only way he can keep Irene and her son alive is to do what he does best - Drive!

Whilst this is true, the synopsis is slightly misleading. I know I certainly fell into the trap of expecting a gritty and fast-paced action film. Unfortunately, expectation is the mother of all disappointment. So I came away a little disappointed and therefore didn't appreciate it for what it is. What it is though, is an extremely stylish film with an amazing soundtrack and some brilliant acting.

Voted hot because it's a good price for the Blu Ray version considering the release date. I'd love to turn back the clock and watch it again for the first time, this time with different expectations though.
Released jan 12th/30th(varying reports) so not good for xmas gift. Also, it's only £2 quid less than anywhere else.

Great film and one of the best of 2011.Grab the soundtrack too

Have a little suckle on that saucepot hans
Great film. If you aren't someone who appreciates cinema don't bother, but it's great.
This was by far the best film of this year - didn't know what it was about when I watched it but it was fantastically acted/directed, brilliant sound track and most realistic cinema violence I've seen in a film for ages.

Best to avoid if you're expecting a film of car chases & stunts.
What's not to like? It's properly amazing - really dark and nasty. Proper modern noir, with loads of blood and violence and cussing and women getting slapped about and arty direction. AWESOME.
Excellent film. Wont hit the spot if you dont like thoughtful, clever, filmmaking however (and its nothing like Fast and Furious, or similar films, as has already been pointed out). But I would thoroughly recommend it for the rest!

Great price, and thanks for the heads up. Deserving of some serious heat at this price!

It's an excellent film, and if I didn't have it already I'd be voting it … It's an excellent film, and if I didn't have it already I'd be voting it hot!

Can't you vote it hot anyway?
Plays like an arthouse film - Gosling is superb.

It would appear that some people are better off sticking to their Fast n The Furious boxsets.
Showing now at £11.99 [as expected] deal over...

film of the year for me.. loved it hot hot hot


film of the year


This was by far the best film of this year

100% agree with all these people!! Easily the best film of the year - by far - and so far this year I have seen over 40 films at the cinema...
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