DriveClub Compact Racing Wheel £3.99 Delivered @ GAME

DriveClub Compact Racing Wheel £3.99 Delivered @ GAME

Found 12th Jan 2017
So, this is just a holder for the dualshock controller for a better racing experience whilst playing Driveclub. I don't own it so I cannot tell much about it, all I can say is it was originally priced at £7.99 but now it is down to half price so it is a deal (Buzz is going to come and say no it is not at some point, I will brace myself for that). Videos on youtube suggest it is having kinda a leathery feel rather than a plastic-only body. Hope it helps someone who loves racing games, but cannot afford to buy a real wheel.

Youtube video:…Sf8

Video in Russian:…lGE (In case of difficulties with English language)

Experience all the twists and turns of Driveclub with this compact racing wheel.
Immerse yourself in the driving experience with its tilt to steer controls!
Fully compatible with Dualshock 4 wireless controllers.
Leaves you full access to all Dualshock 4 wireless controller buttons and touchpad.
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I swear I successfully added this to basket to check the stock... There must have been only one. Requested to expire.
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For £3.99 I would have liked to get one just to try it, it looks good but from my experience I tend not to get on well with wheels. I had the wireless speed wheel for 360 that came with certain editions of Forza 4 (and sold seperately) and though well made I always found I did a lot worse than with a normal control, similarly with the old move wheel on PS3 and yes even the Wii mote wheels, would have still taken this for a spin at £4 though
I bought 1 last year when it was £5 as it was that price for a few months.
Missed it, damn it! DCVR is way better with the controller in tilt mode, this would have been perfect.
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