Driver: San Francisco £9.99 at PS3/Xbox

Driver: San Francisco £9.99 at PS3/Xbox



well spotted thanks a mil!
If anyone's thinking of getting this you might as well, great game for a great price.
Ummed and ahed for so long I missed out last time and ended up ordewring for £15. Order was cancelled though, so no hanging round this time. Ordered!

Cheers OP.
Was not sold on the idea of this game (ability to change between different cars) but having bought it on the last £9.99 deal from Play I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Well worth the money and if there are other people still not convinced by the whole concept, just give it a go!!!
this really is a great game. playing it at the moment. huge amounts of fun. shame there aren't many people playing online so buy buy buy so i have someone to play with
back up to 14.99
game is's always been hovering around 9.99
but heat for price anyway
Best Driver game since Driver 2!
Wasn't that impressed

Was fun for a couple of hours, but didn't feel the need to go back to it

Once you've driven down Lombard Street and Fisherman's Wharf, jumped a few car transporters and won a few races, it soon gets repetitive
the racing is great in this but the story/cut scenes thing is awful imho. the cgi is superb in the scenes but the plot and acting make it like watching some terribly straight to vhs cop drama, not to mention how they deal with the main ridiculous game mechanic.

but yeah, the driving is exhilarating. feeling of speed is spot on.
Been sent... I can see this costing me the price of a wheel.

If I hadn't already voted hot AND the deal been marked expired, I'd be tempted to vote cold out of spite for that very reason. Heheh.
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