drivers pickles factory shop

drivers pickles factory shop

Found 5th Oct 2011
I live near to the drivers pickle factory in Leicester and only just found out they have a factory shop
here is a selection of prices from their shop price list
large catering bottles of picled onions.cabbage ,eggs, beetroot, gherkins,sweet pickle, mixed pickle, ect
range from £2 to £3.50
retail size jars are 75p to a £1
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I'll take a trip to Scudamore rd and stock up on pickled eggs!
I looovvvee pickled onions! The best ones IMO are Garner's Shallot Pickled Onions but I will definitely give these a go as have friends in Leicester

Thank you
Will try it out, only round the corner from me and need some beetroot!!
Do they do the salad cream and ketchup too? And has anyone tried any as my kids go thru it like nobodys business. Begrudge paying for heinz anymore!!
Total Bargain £2.50 for a BIG jar of Quality Pickled Onions . Then you can use the Jar to save your Pennies for the next lot . !!!
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