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Drivetec Front Vented Brake Disc Pair Coated - 260.5MM - £3.77 with Free collection @ GSF Car Parts

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Drivetec Brake Discs

2 Year, 24,000 mile Warranty - OE matching quality - ECE R90 Approved

Edge marked & balanced

Precision machined for precise tolerances

X-ray inspected for guaranteed quality

Majority range R90 certified and full coated
GSF Car Parts More details at GSF Car Parts
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    Paid 470 for these and pads to be fitted at Kwikfit
    They saw you coming! Would never go to Kwik fit for brakes, I've seen them rip others off before. It's also likely they're playing on people's fears/ignorance and are recommending they're changed when they've still got a fair bit of life on them.
    Discs and pads for one end normally come in under £100 for parts and about an hours labour!
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    Definitely right about some garages charging bonkers prices. For an S-max I was quoted £650 for new front pads and rear pads and discs. It is an electronic handbrake, but it did sound nuts. In the end I had the rear pads and discs done for £220, although looking at the cost of discs was that too expensive?
    Try autodoc.co.uk next time. Ridex parts cheap and good quality (edited)
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    Waiting for the ' wouldn't trust £3.77 brake discs', or similar!
    Wouldn't trust £3.77 brake discs
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    I paid £4.01 for my front discs and pads for my Auris.Mind you I do work for GSF!
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    Thanks OP, as I have posted in the past these also make very good weight training weights!
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    Very good price, bought one.
    click & collect needs to collect within 3 days?
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    I’m giving it heat anyway at this price is affordable for me ! .. i let everyone know when i get at the bottom of the hill and any problem its probably the pads
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    What car???
    Any with a 260.5mm diameter and a 23mm thickness that have a 4 hole fitting.
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    Brake discs are usually priced at the factory by their material weight, so many that have lots of machinng done to the casting, it doesn't put the price up, it's crazy how low the prices are if you buy a container load
    Used to be as low as a couple of £
    Exactly same was told by a car garage friend. So many parts are on ridiculous profit margin. (edited)
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    they fit my car , just put your reg in, £7.72 delivered
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    Thanks OP, they fit my Civic so have ordered a pair. Also ordered the pads which were only £17, so got the lot for a smidge of £25!
    Which Civic? Doesn't fit mine
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    Honda Accord 90 to 93 reg. 2.0 liter 16v petrol
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    not bought anything from gsf since they closed my local branch in glasgow next nearest is belfast stopped buying online from them after they sent several wrong items and i had to go to local store to change them
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    At this price I going out to buy the car that they fit.

    Kinda weird they never said which one it was.
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    Is this the kind of thing you can DIY install?

    Anyone got a good link to learn how? (edited)