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Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
MERCEDES-BENZ GLE DIESEL ESTATE GLE 250 D 4MATIC AMG LINE PREM PLUS 5DR 9G-TRONIC Brand new unregistered car available for quick delivery. You will be the first registered keeper … Read more

1.5 might might be a bit underpowered


Volvo XC40 1.5 T3 Momentum 5dr £25,454 Save 8% That’s from drive the deal


Yeah the XC60 might be an option too. Thanks!


Yes had a quick check around there on the broker sites and theres no big discounts to be had. Ironically you could probably buy an XC60 for less...


I wish a Volvo xc40 would get a discount. The most I got offered was 1,2k off 38k car. ;(

MERCEDES-BENZ E220D SE  4DR. Discounted by £9505 - £27995 @ Drivethedeal
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Now it's £500.00 cheaper! MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS DIESEL SALOON E220D SE 4DR 9G-TRONIC Brand new unregistered cars available for quick delivery. You will be the first registered ke… Read more

It's 26995 with 18 inch wheel


I'm down with that dude. No, not down with a dude? I'm down with that, dude...


Haha, Merc is fine - that’s what all none-Gangsta people call them (y)


So is it ok to call it a Merc? or do I need a few gold teeth for that lol?


I'm not disagreeing about engines and gearboxes. Though I never had any issues with mine, I was just saying about the comparison.

MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS A180 AMG LINE 5DR. Discounted by £5,905 - £19.095 @ Drivethedeal
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Brand new unregistered cars available for quick delivery. You will be the first registered keeper and you will be dealing with the Mercedes-Benz dealer directly once an order is pl… Read more

Surely you’d be better off leasing if you change your car on such a regular basis?


My yardage skills need some work (lol) (lol) I’m assuming that means 3 to 4 miles.


This has long been debated and I think in many surveys (JD Power survey comes to mind) has been proved beyond doubt that MB is nothing more than an expensive badge, with fancy electronics that break over time and expensive tires. I suppose the good thing is that the engine hasn’t gone kaboom yet although depends on how long your warranty is?


(lol) (lol) (lol) I didn’t even see it until I read your comment! Love it (y) 🏽


Its because they all focus on chasing market share by aiming to sell in volume. The only way to shift cars in the volume they want / need to is with heavy discounting. BMW do the same.

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New Mercedes A-Class. Save up to £7,095 at From £17,995 to £27,195
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Lots of choice with savings of £5,000 to £7,000 on Special Offers page. These are brand new unregistered cars in stock. Biggest saving seems to be on A250 AMG Pre… Read more

Yep, we can never comment on folk's wealth here - because everyone on HUKD is a millionaire (lol)


I think that is a term referred to people who don't possess the ability to critically think, articulate and reason before commenting.


Yup. The standard car is dynamically fairly average. A 1 series will handle better and drive better. Most people will neither know nor care though.


A class is a poor drive. Its well documented in reviews. Drove it for a year and had enough of it. Not sure about pricing but BMW 1 series would be a much better drive, again well documented in reviews. And yes I have drive both and I agree.


Apologies - i've removed mine

Brand New UP! GTI. £12,174 at (RRP £13,750)
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Fantastically reviewed little Hot Hatch.. Only just launched. deal o… Read more

So you went for the 3rd most 'poorly made' one out of the 8 (and Mini is German, really) - but with the biggest discount. I'd be willing to bet that the Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota cars were the ones you managed to dismiss after simply sitting in them. p.s. sorry Foxy, couldn't resist this one :)


When you two are done, can you kick the cat out, turn the lights off, lock the door and post the key back through the letterbox? Cheers fellas... (y)


You save £2k on either save an extra £568.80 on option 2. As I said you can get the £2k either way....Christ. It is a discount....its a measure of currency you do not have to pay to purchase an object....the fact it is offered as an incentive for taking out finance is totally irrelevant as they can't claw it back if you pay it off. You don't pay the £2k, you don't get the £2k in your account so you don't see the £2k anywhere but a minus figure on the invoice when you pick up the car - ie its a DISCOUNT. Not turning it into anything but what it is, a it what you like, its a discount. Bit like Skoda in 2010 were doing their cars VAT free....They weren't of course, it was a discount disguised as this, the VAT was still on there and this figure was just in a box on the invoice with a "-" in front of it, just like a "deposit contribution", "dealer contribution", "retailer contribution" or anything else than the dealer decides to call it that day....its still x amount you don't have to pay to buy the car therefore a discount. Goodbye.


Jeez, where do I start. Trust me - I VERY MUCH, GET IT. I can't be bothered checking your numbers, but you plainly say there that you save £568.80 - so not £2,000 then? (or £3.64 per week, to better compare to my example). And to save that £3 a week, you could end up with a car in massive negative equity, with no option to return to the finance company. It isn't a discount, it's a separate incentive paid by the respective finance company, but you can play around to turn it into a partial discount (in your example, about a quarter). I'm done now, you really need to give up - I'm sure I know little or nothing about your line of work, but I'm not trying to catch you out on it.


OMG, you still don't get it....The deposit contribution comes off the invoice pre sale and has nothing to do with the PCP - it is simply free money to entice you to take the PCP - you can sell it how you want but the PCP is still more interest than a bank loan however you sell it. Option 1 - You have a £10k PCP from a dealer at 6.4% and get a £2k discount for taking it.....If you kept this PCP you would still have £10k to pay back on the PCP at 6.4% - That is £306 a month or £11016 total payable in finance. Option 2 - You have a £10k PCP from a dealer at 6.4% and get £2k discount for taking it......If you pay off this PCP within 14 days you will occur no charges (just daily interest....say £10). You get to keep the £2k discount (at this point it isn't part of the finance calculations at all as this has already come off the invoice before you have paid a penny). You either pay the £10k PCP balance in cash or you take a loan - Sainsburys do £10k at 2.9% which is £290.20 a month or £10447.20 total payable in finance. So option 2 means you are £568.80 better off for taking and paying off the PCP rather than sticking with it as you get the £2k with either its a DISCOUNT off the car at time of purchase and nothing to do with the finance, rather a discount for taking out the finance hence the phrasing DEPOSIT contribution. It forms no part of the loan calculations at all. I know that the £568 is better in my bank account than a finance companies (3 years VED for my Golf R or 2 years insurance) this over a greater amount or longer term and the savings will obviously be much greater. All for the sake of 5 mins completing a loan application online and 5 mins phoning the finance company to cancel the PCP. This is the sort of thing that HUKD is all about. Not sure how I can make this any simpler to be honest. Obviously if you are sold on PCP and want a new car every 2-4 years then you just keep the PCP....however if you have the money to pay it off or intend on keeping the car and pocket the extra discount whatever incentive the relevant dealer is offering at any given month on any given model then its a no brainer to pay it off and fund from elsewhere. My point is that if you weren't intending on taking out PCP but there is an incentive attached to it then its a no brainer to take it out and pay it off with no loss of incentive regardless of how you are funding the redemption.

SUZUKI VITARA ESTATE 1.6 SZ4 5DR £12855 @ Drive The Deal
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Brand new dealer pre-registered car. 16” alloy wheels Auto air conditioning Bluetooth phone and music streaming and USB connector connectivity Cruise control with speed limi… Read more

I agree with this guy...... to a certain extent. A heavy car like this one with a 1.6 petrol engine will cost more to run than a 1.6 Diesel which would be an ideal size engine for the weight of the car. Personally I'd rather get a 1.9 Diesel or 1.8 petrol upwards for piece of mind.


I really want this. I wish they did a finance deal on it


Three-year or 60,000-miles warranty (whichever comes first).


whats the warranty on this?


I didn't read all the post, I assumed it was a diesel car, my mistake

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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0 TB 280 Veloce Personal 24 Month Contract Hire. £275.00 per month x 23 inc. VAT, 8,000 annual mileage, £2,475.00 Initial Payment.
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
By now I don't need to tell you that the new Alfa Romeo Giulia has won numerous car of the year awards and beats the German competition hands down in most head to head reviews. I … Read more
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Got an Alfa GT no major issues, and what a beauty to drive. Seriously tempted by this though.


How much for the quattrofromagio one?


Buying a family car is a fairly binary choice, either buy a dull car or buy an Alfa


Amazing reading everyones "opinion on Alfas", I have had various Alfa 159 TI x 2 , Brera, Spiders x2 and now the Giulia Veloce. I have also had the Mazdas, Mitsu, Minis x 4 and I can say honestly they are all as reliable as each other. We have now had the Veloce for 3 months and its just a stunning car and a pleasure to drive. We have it on a two year deal and I truly believe we will have another one (like the 159s we loved). You only live once so why not have an Alfa, ALWAYS brings a smile to my face when I get in it. Enjoy (highfive)


I think people are talking about post warranty work.

MERCEDES-BENZ G CLASS AMG STATION WAGON G63 [571] 5DR TIP AUTO £121,638 @ Drive the deal
Found 29th Oct 2017Found 29th Oct 2017
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These cars are wicked, absolutely baller Merc 4x4, let the h8rs h8, great deal. Give me 3 more years!


The hate this car gets only makes me love it more! Like the LR Defender this thing is timeless and I hope it gets made till the end of time.


Always wanted one of these since I watched Bourne Ultimatum...


Funny ad... It's a armoured car but advert states.... Vehicle does have some scratches to the paint and also has a small crack in the front windscreen and crack in one rear quarter window (lol)


This site is why I'm a millionaire ;) or is it why I'm a pauper!? 🤔

New Hyundai i10 1.0 SE 5dr 5 Year Warranty £8,145 at Drive the Deal   Alternative to Leasing ?
Found 17th Oct 2017Found 17th Oct 2017
With a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty this could be a good option for some. If kept for 5 years and then sold for say £3000 you are looking at cost (depreciation )of £85 per m… Read more
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Nope. All done absolutely above board inc 2 x speed awareness courses for me and the missus (so £80 we owed him). Just finished the Black box period of 3 months and he's got £25 back on the insurance. Not looking fwwd to next years renewal but thaat's life. Just have to get on and shop around again


Sometimes I pick my nose while reading comments on here.


and that's what you come back with, if a 1 litre is to small for you then a 850 cc mini will be no good at all.


definitely missed something, no clue what your comment was about :(


Brand New 67 reg Mercedes C200 SE 9G-Tronic Auto Saloon, save £10,615 off RRP of £30,610 (35% off!) at Drive the Deal - £19,995
Found 17th Oct 2017Found 17th Oct 2017
Further to my posted deal 2 months ago for the C200 SE manual, (… Read more
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They do hybrid version


Anymore deals like this?


Did anyone enquire about the scrappage scheme on this? Thanks


Just had a voicemail from them saying that they'd sold out of the C220 Executive Edition Estates. Not sure if any of the others are available though.


Cold. Not a Fiat Punto.

Brand New 67 reg Mercedes C200 SE Saloon, save £10,355 off RRP of £29,010 (36% off!) at Drive the Deal - £18,665
Found 28th Aug 2017Found 28th Aug 2017
After the Alfa Romeo deal, was browsing the drive the deal website once more, and saw a substantial saving off a brand new C200 SE saloon. Brand new car, available for September d… Read more
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So? You might have stayed awake all night looking at all the deals but some of us actually have a life and from time to time miss deals so thanks OP


Cars with 0 emissions are 0 not a sliding scale like the old system it's £0 then £145 then onwards and upwards from there!!! Bloody redic


You can't get much for £20k these days. Even a Skoda of similar size will be upwards of £25k. Good deal if you want a well built car regardless of badge snobbery.


Or do more than 5k a year like most people!


When someone uses the phrase "bitch, please" in their sentence can you really expect the grammar to be absolutely spot on?

Brand New Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe TBI, save £16,715 off list price of £61,010 (27%) at Drive the Deal
Found 26th Aug 2017Found 26th Aug 2017
Decent saving off a new Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe at Drive the Deal, on the new "67" reg. This particular one comes in Giallo Protipo (yellow) with black leather sports seats, with a rac… Read more

The official 0-60 of the GT4 is 5.2 seconds, based on an unmodified engine.


0-60 in under 5 seconds? really? I cannot remember them having any chance whatsoever of doing that? what's the top speed on your Celica?


Neither. 0-60 of the GT4 is quicker, mine had been modified when I bought it, 0-60 was under 5 seconds.


Seen a nice example of the Celica the other week. Example below of how petty this little 1.75l engine that they use in 4C is. Considering weight of car is 1400kg and in FWD, unlike the RWD and 900kg weight of the 4C. Although I'll still stick with my Giulia Quadrifolgio.


Has anyone made an inquiry on these yet? I'm awaiting a factory order but the story I've been told is that the factory weren't opening order books until all stock vehicles had been sold. However, I'd been told that stock vehicles were almost all gone last week so it'll be surprizing if there are many left.

Bargain priced basic Mercedes Benz C Class from Drivethedeal. £10K off list.
Found 6th Aug 2017Found 6th Aug 2017
A good alternative to leasing if you're not worried about all the bells and whistles. Personally I would pay more and get one of the autos but for the price to get into a new Merc … Read more
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My friend has a C class- loves it and has been very reliable so far


Just to add to the list of people who paid off finance early. It was all very straight forward, no hassle at all. Got my car through Drive the Deal and they were great, all happened exactly as advertised.


Othen you are getting confused beween PCP and PCH. It certainly is possible to do what multiple people are all stating.


PCP is not a rental. It is a purchase agreement with a deferred balloon payment. This can be settled at any time and contributions towards this by the lender or manufacturer will NOT be reclaimed. As a car dealer I know this for a fact. As previously stated the majority of buyers do not settle early so the interest charged compensates for the contribution. Those who can settle early however benefit.


Thank you for that. I'm still not convinced it would work with a PCP: If I rent a £25,000 car under a PCP (so I never own the car) and get a £5,000 deposit contribution, then I decide I don't want to rent the car the day after I drive it away and pay the finance company what I owe for the rental plus what the car would be worth in 3 years' time - will I will still be allowed to keep the £5,000? I can see that might work with a HP agreement where the car is being used to secure the loan, but not under a rental plan like a PCP. Perhaps I'm just too old fashioned.

Jaguar XE and XF - around 22% discount at Drive The Deal - £29200
Found 14th Jul 2017Found 14th Jul 2017
If the Focus deal posted earlier doesn't appeal, how about a Jag? Drive the Deal have a good discount on the XE and XF models, around 22% discount available across the range. Sad… Read more
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Just had the following email from drive the deal... We are emailing to advise you that our quoted discounts for Jaguar XE and Jaguar XF are only going to be available for factory ordered cars for another few days. To place a factory order for your chosen specifcation and take advantage of the discounted quote that you have seen on our website over the last two weeks, you will need to place an order before Monday 31 July, and prefereably this week in order to be certain of getting the deal. After that time, the price will be substanitally more expensive as we will be unable to place further factory orders at the current quoted discount. During August, we will then be able to offer you some stock cars at the current discounted prices, but if you do wish to choose your own specification and have your car built to order for September delivery at the current quoted price, you will need to confirm your order by Monday 31st July at the latest, and preferably this week to be certain of getting the deal. The time deadline has been imposed by the dealer who has been accepting our customers’ orders at these discounts, and we can only place further orders at these prices while the dealer will still accept them. It is possible they will run out of factory build slots this week, but we suspect they will accept an order placed over the weekend. We have sent you this email because you recently took a quote from our website for a new Jaguar XE or Jaguar XF, we hope you have found it relevant and useful. With kind regards, Broker Team If if you are thinking of ordering, best be quick...


Hi, I am in the south east of England too can you tell me the dealership please?


Beautiful car. Hate being neighbours with the guy who owns one next to me... wakes me up at 6AM with GRUUUUUUU from the exhaust. Still, lovely car.


Superb cars. I miss my XF.


Just had a look and the lease deal I got has gone, but saw this if you are really serious about this car worth considering - 66 Plate Jaguar XF R-Sport - Low Mileage Ex-Management Service Pack from £23,000.

Ford Focus Zetec 1 litre 125 PS - £14972.95 - RRP £20135 from Drive the Deal
Found 13th Jul 2017Found 13th Jul 2017
Don't normally post deals I am considering , as they might sell out , doubt it applies to cars though ! The 2017 spec Focus has everything you could want (including Sat Nav, pa… Read more

When buying a car new I don't care about it discounts etc all I look at is how much I can approximately get in 2-3 years, this is how I work out is a lease or purchase the best route. With regards to this deal if I could only get £10k in the 30 months regardless of the discount that is still £5k lost over the period, a lease of £6k of the same period will get a far better vehicle and less risk with resale, new model, monthly payment etc.


well will see as I remind you on each occurrence where we intersect - enjoy :)


But I don't do that, Bertie. Seems something you would do.


If you think standing in the street corner preaching the end is nigh on the back of blind faith then bless ya you truly need it.


Unlike you Bertie, I've positively contributed to HUKD. You personally go out of your way to troll and provoke. Alas, you think your opinions are superior to others and I am well within my right to ignore your rants. Fortunately, I, like others, have no care about what you have to say because you join most threads so late in the day, that the conversation has been and gone. Quoting me from a post (made on a another website) I made five years ago. Tragic. Are you telling me that one can not own a car and lease one at the same time? I lease my main car and own four others. If you have a problem with that concept, take it up with someone who cares. Besides, why do I need to pay a garage £400 to repair paint damage on a bumper when I can do it myself? Keep trolling Bertie - it's what you do best ;)

Brand New VW Passat 1.4 TFSI S - £15,911 (£5,698 saving) @
Found 9th Jul 2017Found 9th Jul 2017
Brand new, latest model VW Passat 1.4 TFSI 125PS variant in solid grey. Quote available for colour variations but expect +£300 for white, +£595 for metallics. 16" 'Aragon' alloy … Read more

Petrol Passats? They'll be looking diesels, surely?


Taxi companies will be buying these for their rent me for Uber fleets. Good saving. Great for someone who does high mileage and cant lease at a decent price.


That was just before the "fix". The one in my old Mondeo lasted 9 years and I was able to change it myself in 10 minutes as it was at the front-top of the engine. Seems he wasn't alone:


Which was referencing VW diesel reliability and emissions This is the petrol variant so a moot point to be discussing.


I know, dear. Merely replying to what someone else said.

£8000 off ..bargain for sunny days - MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS CABRIOLET C200 AMG LINE 2DR AUTO - £32395 @ Drive The Deal
Found 8th Jul 2017Found 8th Jul 2017
MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS CABRIOLET C200 AMG LINE 2DR AUTO Brand new car, available for quick delivery you will be the first registered keeper Available in Solid Polar White with Bla… Read more
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Sexy, a pleasant ride, goes like the clappers..........I bet the car's not bad either.....8)


Do you come with the car?


'The law now requires the dealer to supply to the DVLA the date of birth of any person who buys a new car. " What's that all about? it is bad enough that the DVLA sell your details to any tom, dick and harry private parking company.


Wont save or delete, Thought *


Anyone else though from the title that, this is a holiday which includes a car as part of the package( and maybe the girl), before clicking it?

Found 4th Jul 2017Found 4th Jul 2017
Thought this was a decent deal and down in price from last quarters offer..... MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS SALOON C200 SE 4DR 9G-TRONIC These are Brand new cars, you will be the first … Read more
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I laughed when I saw this as I completely agreed... and then I bought one. Whoops. (It was actually £20,995)



hi im interested without the silly ipad. Where did you hear this news from ? from what i read its next year sometime but doesn't mention anything about the screen gone intergrated into dash only the trackpad changing to the s class style.


For those who said my criticism of this car is ridiculous, just to let you know i found and posted a "similar" deal. Passat TFSI, brand new, £15,911 on the road. Currently at 800 degrees and climbing. Probably wont "beat" the heat of this because for some people the Merc badge trumps the wrong spec, but to me the Passat @ £15,911 makes for a more honest package than this at £21K odd.


+1 Its the wrong car at the right price. They're being sold off cheap, but even at that you can buy a year old one on autotrader for £16K+ from a dealer, meaning a trade price of £14K, which suggests they're unloved on the used market too.

Jeep renegade dawn of justice 1.6 petrol 0% pcp 14918.20 @ drive the deal
Found 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
Good spec, below average engine (but at least it's petrol) pcp required for this price but it's 0% with no minimum deposit. Decent little soft roader "for the price" what else co… Read more
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Does anyone have the pcp finance figures? tried to follow link but figures arent shown


This is, without doubt, one of the most cringeworthy products I have ever seen on here. Its up (down?) there with the SheWee that pops up from time to time.


That is probably the sweet spot of price/spec/engine in the range from memory of looking at them when they first came out. I looked at leasing one last year (can't remember if it was longitude or limited) but at the time they were giving yetis away so went for one of those for the family wagon instead. Happy with the yeti but a renegade in the right colour looks a million times better.


We have the Jeep renegade, longitude, it's an excellent car but ours is the diesel. This seems like a good price.


I may have made it sound worse than it is, there will be very few roads it will struggle to get up, 150 nm of torque is a reasonable amount and as it's naturally aspirated ( a rarity) so you aren't waiting for a turbo to kick in to get your tourque. I think your comparisons are fine and highlight an important point when spending that much money, do the research, take a test drive, be aware of what your getting. My opinion of the engine is just that, my opinion, and some people will think it's more than adequate and some people will think it's awful. I just thought it was below average. But if someone spent about £15k on the last new car they bought (in the last few years) then I think they would be pleasantly surprised by what this offers.

Mercedes C Class c350e auto plug in hybrid £29495 @ drivethedeal
Found 8th May 2017Found 8th May 2017
On the lookout for a hybrid or plugin. Doesn't seem like there will be another i3 lease deal and the bolt isn't coming to the UK so this has made the shortlist. For Prius plug in m… Read more
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drivethedeal? more like drive the tank. Not even a deal. voted COLD




See man driving a German whip


​and breathe


I have just got one. It is ideal for me because my journey to work is a 14 mile round trip, and I manage to do it all electric. I am usually getting +99.9mpg on a daily basis, and 86mpg as an average over the last 3 weeks. I have done 250 miles, with 200 on electric only. What this means is that the 50 or so miles driven on petrol, the economy was around 20 mpg, however, these were mainly done in sport + mode pushing it, when I was having some fun seeing what it could do. A more representative mpg is probably the delivery mileage which was 140 miles away, and he got 47 mpg for mainly motorway miles, although the delivery driver said he was not driving it particularly efficiently. Mine is costing me £350/month including vat on a 3+23 lease and this includes road fund tax over the life of the lease. i got the C350e Saloon Sport Premium model. I'm very happy with it, it a beautiful car, lovely to drive, and has a few driver aids like assisted breaking and haptic accelerator pedal, but must admit I am disappointed with the lower than advertised range - I get 14-15 miles off a full charge, but there is still 22% charge when the 14 miles are complete, and it is still possible to get another 3-4 miles of electric only but only in slow moving traffic. So I am guessing this is where Mercedes get their 19 miles range. On a full charge on e mode it is still quite nippy, and gets away from the lights quicker than most. Flick it into sport mode and nothing can touch it! The "350" refers to the 3.5 litre engine which is the equivalent power of the 2 litre engine plus the boost it gets from the electric motor. In electric only, on a motorway I can get it up to around 50-60 mph before the petrol engine kicks in, I then push it up to 70-80 mph using petrol then cruise or coast in electric to maintain the speed around 70 mph. I plan to penny pinch on my daily commute, so I can have some fun when I get the chance! The transition between electric and petrol drive is seamless and it only noticeable when the rev counter needle flicks up. I had a diesel before and was only getting around 45 mpg from that. A friend of mine has a 2 litre petrol BMW and tells me he only gets 33 mpg from that for a similar commute to mine. I got mine via although checking now the best price is around £365. I kept an eye on the prices after I ordered and saw an AMG estate for about £325/month, which I would have gone for if I hadn't already placed the order. If you are leasing, watch out for the admin fee in the upfront payment, which was £300 for me. I went through Yes Leasing, although the finance was with Mercedes. Also watch out as the road fund tax is over £400 for this model, and not all leasing companies include this in the rental. I have ordered a charge point from which cost £149 supplied and fitted. Insurance was £720 for me, but I have no no-claims because I have just come from a company car and had to make a claim a year ago due to car park damage (scraped wheel arch) from an unknown third party. I would recommend it as a good all rounder which would suit the shorter commute and run around town, but would not recommend it for the long distance motorway driver.