Driving Test Success - All Tests: 2011 Edition only £3.99 @ bee.com
Driving Test Success - All Tests: 2011 Edition only £3.99  @ bee.com

Driving Test Success - All Tests: 2011 Edition only £3.99 @ bee.com

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This was posted about 4 days ago but has now dropped in price to just £3.99. BARGAIN!!!

Driving Test Success - All Tests: 2011 Edition Review

* Practise every OFFICIAL DSA question that you could be asked in your Theory Test, valid until September 2011.
* Essential revision for learner car drivers, motorcyclists and ADIs in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
* Practise interactive case study questions covering all 14 DSA topics.
* Sit unlimited random mock tests that accurately simulate the OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test.
* View hints and full explanations of the answers.
* The software analyses your progress and knows when you’re ready to sit the real test.
* Customise your tests to practise questions that need more revision.
* Watch the Theory Test introduction video.
* Printable exam papers allow you to revise away from the computer
* Optional voiceover to help those with reading difficulties.


* HUNDREDS of interactive test simulation video clips.
* Sit unlimited random mock tests under exam conditions.
* All test clips are shot from outside the car, just like the real test.
* Analyse your performance over time using detailed progress reports.
* Watch the OFFICIAL DSA introduction video and OFFICIAL Hazard Perception sample video clips.
* Review each clip with a timeline to discover where the hazard occurred and where the maximum score could have been achieved.
* Gain experience in realistic test settings including main roads, town and city centres, dual carriageways, residential streets and country roads.
* Hints and tips to maximise your chance of passing the test.

Watch over 50 completely up to date video tutorials showing you how to reach Driving Test standard.

An experienced professional instructor demonstrates EVERYTHING that you may be asked to perform in your test, including:

* Independent Driving
* Pre-drive safety checks
* MSM and POM routines
* Use of mirrors
* Approaching and negotiating roundabouts
* Negotiating stop and give way junctions
* Maintaining road position and following distances
* Reverse parallel park beside the road
* Reverse bay park
* Joining and exiting dual carriageways
* Left reverse into a side road
* Turn in the road
* Controlled emergency stop
* The Two Second rule and stopping distances
* Plus much more


* Get behind the steering wheel in this realistic software simulation, complete with virtual driving instructor.
* Practise interactive 3D driving routines and manoeuvres as many times as you like.
* Experience hazardous weather conditions including rain, fog, snow and ice.
* Considerably enhance your own driving awareness and concentration.
* Learn how to follow instructions to test standard and understand which faults are serious enough to fail you.


* Learn how to recognise over 500 UK road signs and markings shown in their real-life environments.
* Interactive learning includes photos, videos and quizzes.
* Test your knowledge in the Quick fire Quiz and discover your weaknesses.


* Watch professionally filmed video tutorials and discover all the essential checks you need to carry out.
* Prevent breakdowns and expensive repair bills.
* Learn how to change a tyre, jump start a car, check your oil, plus much more.


good bargain, voted hot

Nice price, just paid the £4,99

One bad comment I have seen here amazon.co.uk/rev…de=

Anyone used this themselves? I've already got one although an older verson but considering buying this.

booked my driving theory exam for 22nd of feb, hope this comes in time to give me enough time to revise :#

Theory isnt to difficult, you should do fine!! just use common sense for alot of it!

but then never hurts to revise a bit!

good luck!!


booked my driving theory exam for 22nd of feb, hope this comes in time to … booked my driving theory exam for 22nd of feb, hope this comes in time to give me enough time to revise :#

Should do, I ordered somehing from bee, was here in 2 working days!!

stay well away..

i bought the same one 3 days ago and received a 2009 copy, as did many other people on this site.you will be taking a risk i guess the next best price is amazon at £5.99 but i wouldnt mess around with ordering an out of date copy and going to all the hassle of sending it back for the sake of a £2 saving.

arg, why only pc

they sent me an older version

I'd avoid Bee unless you want to mess around sending items back. I ordered this when it was posted last week for £5, they sent me the 2009/10 version (I emailed them telling them they'd sent the wrong version), sent it back, a few days later the 2008/09 version arrived :|.

ok let me review the all test driving cd.
I found it to be the best Theory cd i ever used, i passed first time when i took my theory test 20% of the questions were exactly the same QUALITY X).

I also passed my Motorbike theory test with the same cd and i got full marks couldnt have asked for more with this cd.
I did 1 exam every day for 30 days when doing my theory, very simple
5 starts *****

Find a decent driving instructor, and he'll lend you his for free (as mine did) X)

I was looking this for younger brother.... thanks heat added

I brought this a week ago when it was £5 but just checked my order as i hadn't received it. Update said that payment didn't go through (not sure why) oh well i've now pruchased it and will hopefully get it for £3.99 now. Heat added.

Typical. I bought it last week. I received mine 2 days ago but I haven't tried it out yet.

Price change to £5.99

coming up at £5.99 now

Does anyone know if they do these on a usb stick or similar as I am after getting one of these but only have a netbook so cd is no good for me.
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