Drobo - 4 Bay FW800 & USB 2.0 Storage Array inc Free Drobo Share NAS Solution £293.90 @ Expansys

Drobo - 4 Bay FW800 & USB 2.0 Storage Array inc Free Drobo Share NAS Solution £293.90 @ Expansys

Found 19th Jul 2009
Product Features

* Incomparable expandability - capable of up 16TB of hot swap memory
* FireWire 800 and enhanced USB 2.0 for safety and quick access from Windows, Mac, and Linux systems
* Just plug in Drobo and your data protection is all set up - add disks at any time for additional protected capacity
* DroboShare offers a fast Gigabit ethernet connection
* DroboShare supports your native file systems and standard network protocols, allowing access from almost any client

This is comes with the Droboshare but costs less than the standalone unit.

Although this comes from Expansys it is better to order through Amazon because the postage is less.


Sounds expensive. Doesn't say that it comes with any disks - so you'll have to buy at least 2, to get it to do anytthing. The Netgear NAS box (posted above) sounds much more competitive and includes a free 500GB disk for £100 less - that's the one for me.
p.s. just seen the firewire spec, so it's aimed at Apple users - that explains the high price :-)

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I agree they are expensive but they are usually over £100 more for both these items. Also they are a bit different to a standard NAS.

This is not an apple only box... and if you think its a simple nas... then go check out drobo.com and watch the vid. It is way better. If you use storage for any length of time you'll have a disk fail on you. I lost an external :-( The Drobo is your protection against data loss with the flexibility to expand as an when you need it.

worth every penny!!!

Great price for the unit, the sharing part alone tends to go for about £100. It also appears there's a proper (as in, supported by the manufacturer) developer community out there for it, so there are things like bittorrent clients and media servers that you can download and stick on it.

yep just watched the promo video on the amazon site very slick!
doe this use SATA1 or SATA2 drives? Can u have FTP access?

Can you have this plugged into a device via USB so that device can view the files, plus be plugged into the LAN via ethernet at the same time? Reason is my Samsung TV has USB slot to read media from a drive, so want to leave this accessing drobo at same time.

Looks like i've missed it
£389.99 from link
£379.99 + postage on expansys site

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