Drop Dead Fred DVD £2.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco

Drop Dead Fred DVD £2.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco

Found 21st Mar 2009Made hot 22nd Mar 2009
When Elizabeth returns to her mother's home when her marriage breaks up, she recreates her imaginary childhood friend, Fred, to escape from the trauma of losing her husband and her job. In between the chaos and mayhem that Fred creates, Elizabeth desperately attempts to win back her husband and return to normality, with comical results!


I used to love this film, but hated watching it - it is SOO cringeworthy what he does! :giggle:

Good price, bad film - can't believe I went to the pictures to see this, such was the state of early 90s cinema...
the start and end of Riks Hollywood career!

He is fantastic in a lot of stuff...........unfortunately this is not one of them.

Stars the lovely and bueatifull Phoebe Cates, who can forget Fast Times at Ridgemont High !!!!!!!!!

Dog poo, dog poo, lovely lovely dog poo!

highly missable film!

I actually enjoyed this film:giggle:

DeanSupreme uk;4705895

I actually enjoyed this film:giggle:

guilty pleasure... voted hot


I remember this came out just as Freddie Mercury die....was a odd coincidence!

This is the only film I have ever walked out of the cinema half way thorough and demanded my money back.

Dreadful film.

Can't believe it's 18 years old now!

i love this film with all my heart...still manage to watch it at least once a year

Snot Face!!!!!!

lol thats what i call my daughter have done since she was born and shes 14 now :-D

i actually think its a good film.

£3 in store in Asda.....if you really can't wait for the post'person' to deliver.............

Looks like this film is like Marmite!
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