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Dropbox provide digital storage and sharing tools for individuals and businesses. They have a range of plans to choose from, each providing different amounts of space along with collaboration software. Save money on the cost of online storage by visiting the HotUKDeals Dropbox page, where we collect all the brands best offers as spotted by our community. Read more

All Dropbox Deals, Discounts & Sales for January 2019

25% off Dropbox Plus for 12 months
Found 26th Sep 2018Found 26th Sep 2018
1TB of space for £59.25 for your first 12 months, saving 25%. I received offer via email PLUS offer also popped up on my computer where I have Dropbox installed. The smallprint do… Read more

i think i had a few of those deals where you could stack it up and i believe mine runs out end of this year so need to find another way of stacking them or cheap deals to get the one drive storage


Me too. I never really bothered with MS office until my children started using it at school. I was happy with open office. Windows phone converted me. I'm paid up until 2020 with deals that pop up on here. My dropbox account is neglected and over the 2TB free space since the 2 year Samsung promo ended. I really should delete the account


It's a nice discount for DB, but I'm happy with office 365 for the same price...or less if you look around.

New Song Rare &  Unreleased - Jon Anderson (Founder Member Of YES)  -  The Gift - Song  From 'Nathaniel' Project   - Free Download Courtesy Of  Jon Anderson Dropbox
Found 2nd Jul 2017Found 2nd Jul 2017
New Song Rare & Unreleased - Jon Anderson (Founder Member Of YES) - The Gift - Song From 'Nathaniel' Project - Free Download Courtesy Of Jon Anderson Dropbox
This is so beautiful from Jon Anderson A New And Yet To Be Released Song. "Hi everyone, just thinking of you... here is the opening song for a project called 'Nathaniel'... I … Read more

​Yes At a better Time And A Word ;)


Original Yes Vocalist Jon Anderson   - STARSHIP 21ST CENTURY..2017 mix 9  - Free Mp3 Download Courtesy Of Jon Anderson's  Drop Box
Found 27th Jun 2017Found 27th Jun 2017
Original Yes Vocalist Jon Anderson - STARSHIP 21ST CENTURY..2017 mix 9 - Free Mp3 Download Courtesy Of Jon Anderson's Drop Box
Yo everyone...thinking of you all the time, I'm going crazy doing 21st century version of YES, using sonic sounds and stuff..just going wild with Midi tracks..not sure why , but it… Read more

thanks for the free music. I went to university with a guy who, when singing, sounded a bit like Jon Anderson, and was a cousin (or nephew or something) of Robert Plant. I met him again in Cambridge, but lost touch again :-(


Must Admit I Love everything Jon Did With Yes & His Solo Animation With Jack Bruce Sancious Simon Phillips Etc. The Yes Album (3rd) was really an incredible album as well. :D Going For The One Was Another Amazing High Point FOr Yes !!!


Deffo worth a listen , cheers Boz.


He doesn't suit the grey beard and tash either


Yes were never the same without Anderson. Although I think the rest blamed him for the awful pompous drivel that was Tales from Topographic Oceans, save the whale and all that tosh When you think of how fabulous Fragile + Close to the Edge was, Tales was a massive disappointment.

Free 13 Track MP3 Download From Folk Radio UK
Found 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
Free 13 Track MP3 Download From Folk Radio UK
And now for something completely.........Excellent download from Folk Radio UK Welcome to the all new Folk Radio UK Covermount CD. In each issue, our newsletter readers get t… Read more
Dropbox offering 25GB free space for students/those with academic email address
Found 4th Oct 2015Found 4th Oct 2015
Dropbox offering 25GB free space for students/those with academic email address
Only open to those with an academic email address, but worthwhile if you do have one. Details: Dropbox Campus Cup allows students, faculty, and staff at eligible universities to … Read more
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You will not lose any data, but you will not be able to add any more files until you get your files down below the 2GB limit.


Spread the love guys!!!!!


My uni has unlimited Google Drive by default, sorry Dropbox, you're behind.


This is correct.


you might also see if one of your kids has an email address from school and if not ask the school if they have email addresses for students some schools do this so they can send school information, homework assignments etc

Free 1 GB additional storage in Dropbox by linking Mailbox App
Found 23rd Jan 2015Found 23rd Jan 2015
Free 1 GB additional storage in Dropbox by linking Mailbox App
Not a huge amount, but if you use and like using Dropbox then you can just get 1 GB extra. Here's how: Mailbox users can now get a free gigabyte of Dropbox space just for connecti… Read more
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I've not come across "Mailbox" before (and I'm not convinced I want it). My main point is that my Dropbox account is linked to my Lycos.com account (remember them?) and using this freebie link ... I seem only able to link the Mailbox to a GoogleMail account or a Cloud account. Thus my Dropbox account remains untouched and no bigger than before. Anyone got any ideas how I can "marry" them, please?




Dropbox likes to give your files to NSA http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jul/17/edward-snowden-dropbox-privacy-spideroak You should really be using encrypted storage systems like mega


HOT! Worked instantly, didn't even need to add an email account


Free 1gb is always worth a hot vote!

Dropbox offer 48GB Free to NEW Samsung Galaxy Owners
Found 14th Aug 2014Found 14th Aug 2014
Dropbox offer 48GB Free to NEW Samsung Galaxy Owners
48GB on Dropbox when you connect dropbox with Samsung Galaxy Mobile. Only for 24 months but well worth so you don't pay!
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Im sure I did this ages ago for the HTC Sense 4 25GB offer by changing the model number in build.prop on my old Desire HD. Have to be rooted of course. Ive a Nexus 4 as well at the moment so will have to see if I can do it again for the Samsung Offer. :edit: Found out my old Desire HD, flashed to the latest CM and followed the instructions here at XDA and 48gb popped nicely into my Dropbox :) As long as the build.prop details are correct and the files are in the right place and with the right permissions then their shouldnt be a problem using other devices to do it. And to note, I received this after also using the HTC promotion a while back so it does stack.


Good offer. I've had it for just over a year. I don't understand people's need to say it's a bad deal because they don't need it, found something else that they like better, or are upset because they actually have to pay for the service after two years... ¨ I just bought another Samsung, but sadly the offer does not get renewed or extended.


Guys. Bin Dropbox for pics and use flickr. 1tb for pics so no need for Dropbox as I use mega as you get 50 gigs free for other stuff. Dropbox is a joke now.


Damn, would be lovely if it worked on my Nexus 4. I can't afford a new phone and extra storage would be perfect for University this year! No worries though, hopefully there will be other promotions :)


I think what's being said us the files stay there at no charge, you just can't add or modify them, so no need to remove them from drop box

Resogun game guide from Housemarque
Found 21st Jul 2014Found 21st Jul 2014
Resogun game guide from Housemarque
You got it with your PS4 but have been a bit puzzled by what you are meant to do or why those pesky humans are dying - answers here from the devs 14MB pdf download

Now I just need some people to play online with who do not disconnect every game or have hands/eyes to play ;)


Great game. This will help a load I think.

Dropbox - 3GB additianl free storage!
Found 7th May 2014Found 7th May 2014
Dropbox - 3GB additianl free storage!
Get 3 GB of bonus space when you start using Carousel, the new gallery from Dropbox for all your photos and videos. All you need to do is install the app on your iOS or Android de… Read more

not so sure. yes, it's larger and auto encrypts but you have to drop the file/ folder on their app button in your internet browser. The only interface is your browser. That's not automatic. With dropbox you can create and use files in your dropbox area and they autosync to other devices over the cloud automatically. Also a variety of apps now sync over the cloud using dropbox too.


Have you tried doing it thru itunes on your PC/Mac ? Then when you sync with your device it will transfer on to it.


yes, I did that too :) I don't need the app but do need the space.


VOTED HOT - I did this via my iPhone - got the extra space then deleted the app. I still have the extra 3GB space!


I know its there mate lol but if I click with either my ipad or iphone I get a blank white box, if I searchon the appstore for dropbox carousel it shows nothing either. its weird lol

Free 1GB of Dropbox storage just for linking to mailbox app (apple only)
Found 14th Mar 2014Found 14th Mar 2014
Free 1GB of Dropbox storage just for linking to mailbox app (apple only)
How can I get free space using Mailbox? Just download the Mailbox iOS app and link your Dropbox account in Mailbox settings. Once you link the accounts, you will earn 1 GB of free… Read more
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An extra 48gb for free online storage Dropbox
Found 8th Mar 2014Found 8th Mar 2014
An extra 48gb for free online storage Dropbox
I went to Dropbox box I originally had 5gb' I clicked up by by name where it says GET FREE SPACE I then clicked download Dropbox to computer, the file downloaded and I did not need… Read more
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48 grambits...


i still have dropbox but when the box gave 50gb free for life for my lg g2 and gave another 50gb free for the ipad i just use that now, i could do with transferring everything across is there any free software to do this ?


free storage. not cold for me


Just installed it on my galaxy ace 2 and it's not given me any extra storage :(


I would imagine they give you a time period in which to download it to your device or whatever before they delete it, having said that though I have had a couple of these offers with new phones I have bought over the past couple of years and I don't think my space disappeared after the time period.

Free mobile phone online storage options (useful for Moto G owners)
Found 14th Dec 2013Found 14th Dec 2013
Free mobile phone online storage options (useful for Moto G owners)
With so many new Moto G 8GB owners from the deals posted, I thought a headsup would be useful for online storage options. Started with Dropbox, updated to give a few options. If yo… Read more

Should maybe mention google play music as you cans store 200,000 (i think) songs of your own in the cloud and play anywhere as long as you have data connection.


Thanks for the thread Op. Will come in very useful


Never heard of them Have they been around long?


surprising udont know about yunio.com it gives 1tb and increases 1gb everyday


just checked this, why is it expired? all option still valid!

Free pack of Milkshake @ Sainsbury's
Found 11th Dec 2013Found 11th Dec 2013
Free pack of Milkshake @ Sainsbury's
Free pack of milkshake at sainsburys with coupon. Flavours: banana, strawberry, chocolate. Coupon HERE http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/5145/ncyb.jpg Thanks 10ways :)

Tried with the PDF file print, Sainsburys were not amused, they rang the 'helpline' couldn't get through and suggested I tried another day????? Printed 6 vouchers earlier today at normal size and Sainsburys were ok with this even though the Milkshakes are on promotion @ £1.40 they run the voucher through at £1.69 (_;)


picked up a pack of chocolate from sainsburys the other day. not a fan of UHT milkshakes generally, but it's actually quite nice. just make sure it's well chilled before you try it. the woman at the self-checkouts had to type the voucher number in twice and then enter the price to get the coupon to go through, but no issues in the end. going to try for another this evening :)


Ask them to show you it. I always have the item ready to show. Doesn't help though.


No problem using the voucher on Saturday. Tried again today (same store) and the said they don't printed vouchers. More inconsistent than Morrisons with their acceptance of the E45 vouchers.


Loads of people try to give me coupons like this at sai sburys They buy like £300 shopping then insist they purchased the required products. I know they didn't so I do as my manager says add the coupon but increase the price by the coupons value :p

Glitch? Free 24 Months 48GB Dropbox cloud storage for existing Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 owners
Found 2nd Nov 2013Found 2nd Nov 2013
Glitch? Free 24 Months 48GB Dropbox cloud storage for existing Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 owners
Right, I'm not expecting much (any?) heat for this, but it may be useful to someone, so here goes... This morning my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1") took the update to Android 4.2.2,… Read more
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I do wonder what to do with this - very kind but if I load it up with 40+GB of stuff, I have a big decision to make in 2 years time. And I don't want to pay for it :)


Ahh it worked for me 48gb extra for the next 2 years


One more extra free gig here if you need even more space: https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/get-an-additional-1-gigabyte-from-dropbox-when-sign-up-for-mailbox-1699877


http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/504284/20130906/galaxy-tab2101-p5100-samsung-release-android422-xxdmh1.htm I used this step-by-step guide to update my P5100 about a month ago. Simple to follow and official firmware.


install dropbox and try to get 48GB additional space.... no need to wait for 4.2.2

Free Popcorn at Cineworld (sometimes even if not seeing a film)
Found 1st Sep 2013Found 1st Sep 2013
Free Popcorn at Cineworld (sometimes even if not seeing a film)
Click link for voucher, says need to print but I used in in Didsbury, Manchester the other day showed on smartphone and lady scanned the QR code no problem. Was at a free preview … Read more

What if you photoshopped the expiry date and extended it to next month instead?


Seriously has anybody tried there stale popcorn lately at £5 a time. It has gotten really bad same as there carbonated coca cola. Mega disgusting.


Thanks, got my popcorn.. they didn't ask for ticket proof, just scanned the voucher.


Thanks - will try tonight, hope it works with the 2 for 1 offer :)


Not honoured for me at cineworld ilford as I was using tesco club card reward vouchers

2 for 1 cold drinks at Starbucks until 29th August
Found 23rd Aug 2013Found 23rd Aug 2013
2 for 1 cold drinks at Starbucks until 29th August
Show this Starbucks voucher to the barista when you buy any cold beverage, such as Frappuccino, Refesha, or Iced Latte. You can show this to the barista on your phone, or print i… Read more

I've had a few people come in with this print out - all referring to HotUKDeals. The idea of the promotion is to get people using Starbucks cards (free anyway but require an initial £5 spend to activate), though most people don't really mind. However, as in most customer service jobs - accusing employees of tax evasion does tend to get your vouchers scrutinised ;-) Just a heads up.


You can just show it on your phone


You don't need to print out just show them on the phone.


Do I need to print it out? Or show them on the phone?


I am a woman. I just explained that there was free wifi somewhere else

Extra Free 1GB Dropbox Storage @ Mailbox App (Currently Only iOS Devices)
Found 17th Aug 2013Found 17th Aug 2013
Extra Free 1GB Dropbox Storage @ Mailbox App (Currently Only iOS Devices)
First real post, so don't take it out on me! Was looking though my Dropbox account and noticed that you can get 1GB free by installing the Mailbox App on your iOS device and then … Read more

works! instant


I'm on 26GB now! I signed out of dropbox and signed in to my family members' accounts to give them bonus space too. This worked great! If anybody is wondering how I stacked up so much space, somebody on eBay maximised my referral bonus for 20 quid lol. Thanks OP.


Ah sweet! I'm only on 19GB. What did you do to get it up to that? Mine was referrals, Dropquest, and Camera Upload beta


Mailbox is owned by Dropbox.


Worked for me! Thanks OP.

48GB free on Dropbox for Samsung users
Found 13th May 2013Found 13th May 2013
48GB free on Dropbox for Samsung users
Complete Get Started to claim the free space that comes with your Samsung device! 48GB on registering samsung mobile with Hotbox and completing 5 out of 7 steps.
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Thanks! :)


Got 25GB as part of getting my HTC One X....and having just got an S4, they've given me the 48GB on top....so 73GB of space for me on Dropbox! Happy days.


I bought my S3 sim free with no apps and i download the Dropbox app and still got 50GB free for 2 years so you could be lucky.8)


bit crap, only free for 2 years then need to pay. rather have limited 50gb for life from box.


I just got my galaxy note back from repair and it had jelly bean on it and I got the 50gb space. My wife's s2 jelly bean didn't have drop box installed though. The problem now is that you need a pc to complete the additional steps for the storage and I'm stuck in hospital without a pc! Hopefully I can do it when I get out. Is there any way of getting this to work on other samsung devices which didn't have drop box installed on it?

HTC ONE owners - Get 25 GB of Dropbox space free for two years
Found 21st Apr 2013Found 21st Apr 2013
HTC ONE owners - Get 25 GB of Dropbox space free for two years
If you have a brand new HTC phone with Dropbox already installed, you may be eligible to earn additional free space simply by signing in to your account (or creating a new account)… Read more

Wrong Dropbox Terms


i woudnt rely on the cloud that would be foolish wouldn't it...


but then, you don't ONLY store it on drop box do you. you store it on a hard rive bu put it on drop box so you've easy access from a number of machines.


Wonder if this would work on the 1x'es on display in the 3, 02 etc stores?


Thanks OP... Fortunately got 73GB by using both Samsung & HTC promotions...

Samsung promotion 48 GB dropbox online cloud storage
Found 12th Nov 2012Found 12th Nov 2012
Samsung promotion 48 GB dropbox online cloud storage
Happened to notice this offer when using dropbox. Free online storage 48Gb for a year....i think the basic free amount is 2 or 3 Gb so this could be handy. It allows you to access… Read more

Actually there are 2 types one without the "out of box experience" which is 1 year and with "out the box experience" which is 2 year. Google music is available now so no reason to use this for music unless you have over 20,000 songs. Movies though i could see people using it for that. https://www.dropbox.com/help/297/en


why do people keep saying "a year", it's already been pointed out the storage is given free for 2 years. Perfect for storing movies and music for cloud based access, once the two years are up, I will delete the movies and music and go back to the few gigs I already had with db, as well as using the box, google drive, amazon cloud, office cloud and whatever else free cloud based services come along in the mean time (google music for a start)


Great if you do that but if im using cloud storage it would personally be to avoid local storage. If i have enough local i wouldnt be using the cloud. Just personal reasons but i get what you are saying and if it helps someone out thats the main thing ;)


Think of it as a backup for a year, I've used it to back up photos from my phone which are then sent to my computer folder which are then backed on my external hard drive. Where as before I had to actually plug it in or rely on the pathetic 5 GB iCloud space


Nope but wouldnt want it anyway i dont want to get used to some storage then have to pay after a year ;)