Drumond Park "Stoopido" Game £6.95 Del Prime / £11.70 Non Prime @ Amazon

Drumond Park "Stoopido" Game £6.95 Del Prime / £11.70 Non Prime @ Amazon

Found 11th Dec 2017
My girls are desperate for this, wasn't going to bother, but can't really say no at this price!

The game of 1000 silly faces Stoopido is about as stupid as it gets! Absolutely anyone will have the most uproarious fun with this game- especially children as they watch to see just how ridiculous their elders can end up looking! The game is fast and furious. All players don the plastic glasses. The dice is rolled and whatever comes up from Nose, Eyes, Ears or Hat, players race to be the first to slap their hand on the matching card. Whoever gets there first chooses one of the relevant colourful cardboard appendages, which they hang on the glasses of whichever opponent they choose! As play proceeds, players get loaded up with ever more comical items for a totally mismatched look. The game ends when there is only one player left with an incomplete silly face.


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Must make note to stop coming on this site...... think I've finished Christmas present shopping and then buy another thing! Thanks for sharing this one.
Looks fun! Heat added and ordered thanks!
Ordered thanks, I don't even know what it is . But who can resist a bargain (I think!)!
£16.99 for me
£16.99 for me too
£16.99 now
Looks like it’s gone back up, shame.
Great deal!
£8.69 right now
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