DS Games under £10 at Zavvi.
DS Games under £10 at Zavvi.

DS Games under £10 at Zavvi.

Saw these yesterday instore at my local zavvi.

Orcs And Elves - £6
Ninja Reflex - £6
Cars Mater-National - £8
Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command - £8
Sega Casino - £8
Drawn To Life - £8
Gunpey - £5

These 4 i spotted at the counter, £4 pound when u bought them with anything else:

Boogie - £4
Boulderdash - £4
Kira Kira: Pop Princess - £4
Jam Sessions - £4

Prices don't seem to be available on there website though.


why is this being voted cold?

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Ok, So not great games but decent stocking fillers.

Someone had posted before about boogie and boulderdash being available at £4 with anything else but I didn't know about the other two. Ipswich only had Boogie last week but I'll have another look next week.
Which store was this in?

already oposted last week , but looks like it was deleted for some reason

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This was in the Merry Hill Store.


http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/dec/02/highstreetretailers-woolworthsBeware of buying from Zavvi onlineStick to instore

There is a warning about this on their website saying they are not accepting orders for a lot of their items and in fairness to them they are giving people plenty of notice to get items from instore or from other places. As this offer is instore only it doesn't really matter for this deal.
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