DS Lite and any Selected Game - £99.99, todays deal at Gamestation
DS Lite and any Selected Game - £99.99, todays deal at Gamestation

DS Lite and any Selected Game - £99.99, todays deal at Gamestation

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First Deal submitted, hope all ok.

Todays Deal at Gamestation is a DS Lite + a select DS Game for just £99.99.

For the DS you can pick the Black, Pink or Pearl White one.

and the selected games you can chose from are:
Age of Empires: Age of Kings
Burnout Legends
Disney Presents a PIXAR Film: Cars
Fifa 07
Gunpey DS
Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
Need for Speed Carbon
Sonic Rush
Tom and Jerry Tales

Best deal i could find was on Play and Amazon - where DS on it's own is £94.99.

Hope this helps someone...


This is their special deal for the 24/7 deal thing? That is how much they've been charging for ages...

Cheapest is JL at £80...

Cheapest is actually Littlewoods at under £76, but delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

Its a good deal but heres the low down on trade prices - this is for cex but gameshop are usually all the same

Burnout Legends -- cash £7 Trade £10
Age of empires -- Cash £ 7 Trade £9
Fifa07 --Cash £9 Trade £12
Gunpey Ds Cash - £12 Trade £16
Harry Potter Cash - £15 Trade - £18

Madagascar Cash - £ 6 Trade - £8
Need for speed Cash - £7 Trade - £10
Sonic Rush Cash - £9 Trade £12
Tom + Jerry Cash - £ 7 Trade - £ 10
Tomb Raider Cash - £6 Trade - £8
Touchmaster Cash - £8 Trade - £10

Best ones to get are in bold if your thinking about just wanting to get the console

Toys R us are offering the same deal where you get a free game when you buy the ds lite console.
John Lewis deal is good but only if you've got a game/s already cos then the cost goes back up to the same as everywhere else when you add a game onto it.

Been debating whether to get it for son's birthday or wait til christmas instead.
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