DS Lite kit @ Homebargains - £1.99!

DS Lite kit @ Homebargains - £1.99!

Found 2nd Apr 2010
Hi all,
Went down the market today looking for some deals, and as the ARGOS DS LITE kit was sold out, I decided to pop down to Homebargains in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. This doesn't have any cartridges like the argos one, but it's sold out and the next nearest one to me is about 20 miles away I think.



Picked one up yesterday purely because the car charger is a single usb port in the top with cable to charge the DS being a usb-DSpower cable.

Car charger can be used for anything needing a usb and the usb-DSpower cable can be used in the home PC.

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Is this compatible with the DSI?

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Is this compatible with the DSI?Thanks

I don't know, the Micro-USB connection is different to others so it may be exclusive to Nintendo, not sure. If the DSI is the same size as the Lite then it will fit in the case.
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