DS Lite Pokemon Diamond Bag (DS) Reduced to £1.99 delivered.

DS Lite Pokemon Diamond Bag (DS) Reduced to £1.99 delivered.

Found 29th May 2008Made hot 29th May 2008
Does what it says on the tin~
Pokemon Diamond bag for Nintendo DS.
Reduced by £8.00 to £1.99 delivered.

Couldn't see it posted anywhere else (although I have double posted before mistakenly)so fingers crossed!!..........



Good price!



Great price getting one now

Thanks great price. Just got one :). Replacing my old style DS with a lite (finally). So this'll come in handy.

Thanks, ordered one for my lil man. He'll be well chuffed!

Heated & repped :thumbsup:

I'm ordering, but what is a friendly name???

Nice, just ordered one, looked at these a few times in game but didnt want to pay a tenner for one


I'm ordering, but what is a friendly name???

I just ordered without registering and it didnt ask me but I asume it just means nickname rather than your full name


I'm ordering, but what is a friendly name???

It asks for your name on card before which is usually your initials then your last name. For friendly name just put your real name in full

Thanks, voted hot as I've wanted something to put my DS in for a while! Thanks.

Don't forget quidco:)

Thanks Heat & Rep added

Cheers, OP !

My nephew will be chuffed. :-D

Is there also a pouch within the bag to carry games?

Also, does it come with a shoulder strap?

this is game and not play!

Thanks, OP - ordered two for my kids as birthday presents. They love this kind of stuff but it is usually way overpriced. They will be really chuffed. Game stock control usually seems accurate so I hope these materialise. Thanks again.

Thanks order 7 of these for party bags - great stuff

Mine has been posted so offer is all good

great find just ordered heat and rep added:thumbsup:

Great offer, ordered one for my nephew as he had nothing to protect his DS.


This is a fantastic case. So compact. Im going toget another for any future ds lite I purchase.

Mine arrived today. Great lil case.

Thanks OP :thumbsup:

Thanks for posting this, our 2 arrived today. I'm a big Pokemon fan so was really pleased to get these so cheap.

I am impressed, delivered this morning and the kids are happy..............

What more can I ask for?

Still in stock.
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