Ds Lites £99.98 @ amazon

Ds Lites £99.98 @ amazon

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You can vote hot or cold i dont care but just wanted to inform you amazon UK has Ds lites which are coming up at £99 as with the Wii's they are going in seconds and i havent been fast enough to get one

just keep refreshing


Also in stock in white and black at shopto.net

I saw black, pink and silvers come up late last night (approx 2 of each between 10.30pm and 1.20am) and a couple of black & silvers this morning - expect to have to stalk for at least 3 and a half hours to get what you want! I got one in my basket, then it was gone - but I got the next available one as i was halfway there with the DSLGAME9 code already in etc.

Good luck guys - it *is* possible but it wastes a lot of time!

White In Stock Now.. Go Go Go...

the white one has been in stock for the last couple of hours.. says only 1 but i know 2 ppl that have brought one and still says 1 ?!

Marketing trick maybe. Make people think they need to buy now to get one. Or they could only be able to put one up at once!

Just got the last White one & game using that code for £109 {also signed up for the "Amazon Prime" free next day delivery so will get it tomorrow ...Hopefully }

{EDIT} Seems like a clever marketing plan as it still says "Only 1 left in stock"

aparently over 999 of these no other colour tho

:santa:nice one just ordered one for the mrs. Cheers

Maybe they are big issue sellers in disguise, they always say they only have 1 left when there is a stash of them around the corner ...

As for shopto, I tried to order from them earlier today, but if you have a credit card that isnt involved in the online fraud scheme where you have to register with your card issuer and have a confirmation pin as well as using your card details then you are SOOL im afraid, I rang and asked them why my card was getting a 3d error and they explained this to me, sadly there are only like 5 card issuers that are involved in the scheme

Strange, amazon is letting an order of 999 go through. Maybe a glitch, they may not have any!

Good luck to everyone who orders though, hope they got them for you.

Does all seem a bit strange, I must admit!

Mind you, their website was strugling earlier today... I couldn't even access my account just after lunch.

Must be all those last minute Christmas orders... let's just hope they haven't c****ed it up again!


Does all seem a bit strange, I must admit!Mind you, their website was … Does all seem a bit strange, I must admit!Mind you, their website was strugling earlier today... I couldn't even access my account just after lunch.Must be all those last minute Christmas orders... let's just hope they haven't c****ed it up again!

What do you mean again:giggle:
Are you suggesting that the mighty amazon, have had website problems in the past. I have it on good authority that their ordering software also has severe glitches:-D

Downside is we "the customer lose out" for their poor systems.:santa:

Nintendo Wii is available now every 3 mins , just timed it & had one in the basket each time

Thanks for that, managed to get one - these seem harder to find than Wii consoles!

still can put 999 in basket even though on the main page states only 1 left. If you have bought a white DS i wouldnt hold out your hopes too much.

Voted hot ... lets see if I actually get 1 :gift:

^ yep, I saw that myself. Cancelled the white one and ordered this - seems more likely to go through (plus express delivery of course!)

I got a snazzy GOLD ZELDA DS Lite from YesAsia.

£113 with Zelda game delivered. (after Quidco)

Good bargain considering it's the gold one.

No tax, No VAT, free shipping - shipped in 3 days via DHL.

ordered in black, cancelled my play order, more chance of actually getting them from amazon me thinks!!!

113 left of the black ones ( 08.33am )

08.40 - 86

08.50 - 21

Can't believe that they still have just one white DS Lite left... it's been there since last night!

Suddenly everyone seems to want one, and they are still going for silly prices on fleabay!

Nice one.

is it still available?


is it still available?

They (Amazon) are currently showing one pink one as being available... if you can believe them! :?

shows one silver on mine, **** lol

Just 3 black ones left now!!

Ordered a white ds-lite on the evening of 18th, with Super Mario Bros, for £113 including p & p. Estimated delivery date 20/21 december.

Just received an e-mail saying that the ds-lite delivery date has been put back to 22-24 december..... Hmmmm
The game is still coming 20/21 december.

Probably won't arrive before christmas then.

are there any more left... what happens if i paid for express delivery and didnt come when they estimated on the site... do i get my delivery costs back?

I haven't received any email or notification about my order at all. All I know is I thought I'd got one so I ignored all the ones that came in stock at shopto, gamestation, etc.

Then today I check my account:

The following item will arrive after 25 Dec 2007.
Items not yet dispatched:
Delivery estimate: 1 Feb 2008 - 6 Feb 2008

* 1 of: Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Console (White)

So thanks a f---ing lot Amazon, thanks to you I've not got a DS for my old lady this Christmas, even though you f---ing guaranteed it, and even though I could have got one from somewhere else, but didn't because I knew damn well that I had one from you.

Thanks for ruining Christmas, Amazon.

yep, bar stewards have done this to me also. Worse still, they've sent the ds game I ordered as part of this package and charged me for it. So, not only do I have the hassle of trying to find another DS Lite before xmas (despite Amazon guaranteeing delivery), I now have to pay for a game thats no good to me AND have the hassle of returning the game to them and then chase up getting the postage refunded.

What are your rights when they've guaranteed delivery and then fail?

My advice to anyone who has ordered one of these in the last couple of days (especially if there only appeared to be one or two left at that time) and who are concerned about your order, is to check your account details on Amazon immediately - especially if you haven't already done so, to see what details they are currently quoting for despatch etc.

If things are not as you expected, go to the 'Contact Us' page on their website and get then to call you straight away (might have to be in normal business hours).

At the very least they will give you a full and immediate refund, and you might even be able to negotiate a 'promotional voucher' or something... if you ever decide to use them again that is.

I really do hope that not too many people will be disapointed, but it does look as if their stock counter gave misleading information for 12 hours or so, and showed one or two items which they did not actually have available.

I am not trying to excuse them at all here, but the more people who make a fuss, thebetter.
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