DS - The Sims 2 - £11.99 delivered

DS - The Sims 2 - £11.99 delivered

Found 29th Nov 2007
Keep those little rascals busy for £11.99

*** BLURB ***
Create your world and live in it how you choose. Open-ended gameplay allows for endless fun in a completely new 3D world!
All new Social Game! Make some friends and cheer them up, calm them down, or give them a friendly shoulder to cry on!
Watch the time because the DS Internal Clock dictates the date and time of day in the game. Look for rewards when you play on your birthday.
Use the built-in DS microphone to make your own music in the lounge and use the Touch Screen to create your own paintings in the gallery. Then trade these masterpieces with friends via the DS wireless link.
Seven creative, new Touch Screen mini-games to help make money, collect masterpieces, and customize your world.

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that seems a good price to me, not sure why cold votes, could someone enlighten me why before i buy, ta!

and thanks for post :thumbsup:
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