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Lexus 300h Executive Edition 4dr CVT Auto - £1,871.93 upfront, £259.99 Business / £311.99 Personal @ DSG Auto
Found 29th Jul 2014Found 29th Jul 2014
another cracking deal from dsgauto. Initial Payment ( Months) £1,871.93 inc VAT Finance based on a with 8000 miles per annum. Personal finance rental includes VAT at 20%. Admin … Read more

for a hybrid?


Its 260 + vat = 312 x 29 = 9048 Far from cheap imo


Oh no, here we go again.......:|


Assuming 24mths - £390/mth net ex insurance and servicing is merely OK...


I was wondering the same.

Mercedes A180 CDI ECO SE 5dr for £189.99 + VAT Business / £227.99 Personal @ DSG
Found 25th Jul 2014Found 25th Jul 2014
off the back of this deal https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/volkswagen-golf-r-5-door-lease-from-187-59-plus-vat-business-225-107-personal-national-1960241 had a bit of a scout arou… Read more
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They've changed it now and added 6 months x 228 deposit, it was 23 x 228 = 5244 Should be expired


29 payments of £228 = £6612


nowadays these lease agreements are a fair approximation of the depreciation the car will suffer over the lease period. most people would incurr the same cost leasing for 2 years as they would buying new and selling after two years (assuming the same requirements as the lease...say 5k a year ....no dents and scrapes etc...) Unless you believe you can buy at a heavy discount, or negotiate a great sale deal after 2 years then buying or leasing are much of a muchness What makes this and the golf r offer a cheap lease deal is that the car is expected to have a lower depreciation than usual as it will still be desirable to buyers at a higher price in 2 years. so thre fore the lease looks low... but still equates to the low depreciation a buyer would enjoy over the two years as well. of course to buy you need the 25kish....


You left with experience


You could buy it brand new and sell it after 2 years but then you would probably loose £5k in depreciation. If you only want it for two years what's the difference?

Mercedes SLK 250 CDI AMG Sport Auto - £299.98 per month (inc Vat) and desposit of £1799.93 @ DSG Auto
Found 19th Jun 2014Found 19th Jun 2014
A bargain at only £249.99+VAT - No Hidden Costs! (Apart from the 6 payments upfront) many different colours, check website for full details. This is for contract hire, 2 years, 100… Read more

Ok, the way I read that is you want to have a bit of fun with your car while you're still young enough (fair enough), but you have no real money left to buy one and borrowing more in your situation isn't going to do you any favours. The house deposit shouldn't be touched as you quite rightly say and it sounds like you're planning a family at some point in the future (believe me that's expensive). I'd say that you can pick up a quite decent runabout that's also a bit of fun for not much money. Give me an idea of your budget and requirements for a car and I'll see if I can suggest something.


You've misunderstood my point. The point is leasing works for some people and when you get a nice brand new car and don't mind losing that money then this is a deal. I am not saying your points are wrong as that is your choice on how to live. If however you don't want to eat into your savings but want a car that matches your salary/lifestyle then this is a viable option. I am looking for a car. I have a house deposit in the bank but need it obviously. I earn well but if I buy a car with my money or take a loan to buy a 2nd hand car then I either lose my house deposit or my credit score is badly affected so the house buying goes out the window. What are my options? A view is that we only have 1 life and in a few years I'll have to have a baby wagon so why not have a decent bit of fun for my last 2 years? Help me/us though. Instead of criticising the deal/choice give an actual example of a better solution. Ps. If you read my point, I don't call you a troll, I say that too many ppl on this site act like them when they don't understand leasing.


So I'm wrong and I'm trolling am I? I've re-read my post and I stand by everything I've said. It's just my opinion at the end of the day, so sorry if you don't like it, but to label me a troll for stating a different opinion to yours is more than a little ironic. I don't think any leasing deal I've seen on HUKD makes financial sense unless you HAVE (i.e. want) to have a brand new car. If you can put up with one slightly older then that will almost always make more financial sense. But isn't that wanting a new car all about image and not about finances? Reliability? Well with longer manufacturer warranties these days and plenty of options for aftermarket warranties, that isn't much of an argument either. My last few cars have cost me way less than £1000/year depreciation and servicing costs. I'm honestly not that bothered whether my superficial neighbours think I've got a cool car or not, it's cost-effective motoring.


Wrong. Ppl on this site are here to find deals. This car is £35k new. It will lose circa £12k in its first 2years through depreciations. Therefore to spend £8k on that period is a deal, no? Also. If u buy a car u need to have the cash ready or take a loan right? Well a loan for cash to buy a car sees u as the asset meaning your credit score is affected. A lease sees the car as the asset so is better from that perspective. Ultimately this site is here to share deals. If you understand the benefits of leasing and want one then this is a good deal. It should be voted on that. Not be trolled by opinionated trolls. Not saying you are but comments like yours are wrong and unnecessary.


Which isn't always true either. I'm considering buying a new Mondeo. Yes it's a terrible ideal privately. However my last car was kept for 10 years, so value now outweighs residual value for me. A new Mondeo 2.0TDCi Titanium X list is about £23-£24k. I can get one from a broker for £17.5k. However nearly new are £17k so I'm almost cheaper with brand new, with easier rights to reject if it's a bad one. There are many ways to buy a car, some ways much better for some than others. At the end if the day people buy what is right for them.

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