Dualit Architect Kettle, Polished Steel / Black from John Lewis - £53.99

Dualit Architect Kettle, Polished Steel / Black from John Lewis - £53.99

Found 24th Nov 2017
Wanted this kettle but couldnt justify RRP. Next closest I found was in white on Amazon Warehouse deal, however this is brand new in a better colour!
Was 'which' recommended winner in 2016 and very highly rated kettle even though 1.5l and 2300kw.
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Good looking kettle and a good price, but by God it's slow to boil your water!
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Very mixed reviews there,some praising it,some saying the spout drips etc
Dualit is very poor for warranty claims
Brought a Dualit Food Processor, cost £200+ It was a Which magazine best winner, WORST DECISION EVER, design issue, brittle plastic, needless to say it was discontinued quite quickly and you can't buy spare parts for it.
Moral, Which recommendations, take a big pinch of salt, especially when it comes for a Dualit product,
Dualit, should stick to toasters.
Thanks OP, been looking for this for a while but couldn’t justify the price, ordered!! Any deals on the matching toaster??
I’ve got the grey architect and matching toaster, no issues.
Costco have these (kettle and toaster) but could not give you the price; I did buy another kettle from them which was £40 and £75 everywhere else.
Just returned mine to Amazon, stopped working after 4 months of light use
Had it for 2 years. No problem. Looks very classy in the kitchen with its matching toaster. I paid around 180? For both.
The reviews have put me off,knowing the way my luck runs I would get one of the crap drippy ones lol
kha272 h, 10 m ago

Dualit is very poor for warranty claims

But you do get 2 yr warranty with J
Brought mine on Amazon, so far so good, seems like pot luck, but I love mine, as reason was that you can change panels. Heat added.
Life is too short for a 2300W kettle, even if it was attached to all the beauty of the Hanging gardens of Babylon and the Venus de Milo!
Dare I say it... "hot"??
How do you get £53.99? Showing £90 for me.
The.Lone.Ranger12 m ago

How do you get £53.99? Showing £90 for me.

It's only the polished steel/black that's reduced, the other two variants are full price.
Only 2300W nominal? This surely a budget appliance sold as though it's premium. Not economical to buy a kettle that's below 3kW nominal. It'll never be much use.
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