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Dualit Cappuccino Roast Capsules - £4.80 for 60 (8p per capsule!) @ Dualit
Found 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
Dualit Cappuccino Roast Capsules - £4.80 for 60 (8p per capsule!) @ Dualit
£4.80£1260%Dualit Ltd Deals
Not sure how amazing these taste, but thought at this price the deal was too good to miss. Order over £30 and also get free delivery. Includes a free steel milk jug too! Jug can be… Read more
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rubbish deal unless you order £30 worth of goods.


Best before date November 2018


Deal of the day for me. Jug alone can cost £9. nearly 5 months worth of coffee and free jug for less than £35.


Great find! Thanks

Cheapest Dualit Toaster I’ve seen. Only available in pink - £35 (was £70)
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Cheapest Dualit Toaster I’ve seen. Only available in pink - £35 (was £70)
Was looking for a Dualit toaster and saw this. Only available in pink but for £35 delivered! The 2 slot Lite toaster combines Dualit's classic toaster styling with a contemporary… Read more
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Good idea


Or you could be making wrong assumptions based on limited information. His / her workplace may only have a few people and the toaster may only be used a couple of time a week. I'm guessing you also assume I'm a male from Suffolk. :)


Your not using yours in a commercial environment like they are, and judging by his username he works somewhere a toaster would get lots of use from shift workers.


I've bought and been pleased with both. When doing up our kitchen we treated ourselves to a proper Dualit toaster and I have to say that there aren't many products that I've bought that exude quality through and through like it does. Usually with so-called top-end items there's something where that you think "why on earth did they make that bit so flimsy" or "they've tried to save cost there". There's none of that with the proper Dualit toaster. It's very likely that cost of ownership compared with cheap ones is higher, but it just feels nice to use and creates perfectly even toast every time. I've also had cheap toasters for various reasons (camping, when renting for working away from home etc.) and been pleased with those too. I may need to turn the bread over to make sure I have full coverage and that feel flimsy and cheap, but for the money they are great. To use a motoring analogy, the Lite version listed here is like buying a VW golf in order to say / believe they have a car made by Bentley.


That's not a problem, just turn the bread around when the first side is done ;)

Dualit Lite Kettle & 4 Slot Toaster Set in Gloss Red only £99 on Dualit website.
Found 20th Oct 2017Found 20th Oct 2017
Dualit Lite Kettle & 4 Slot Toaster Set in Gloss Red only £99 on Dualit website.
Really good price for kettle and toaster set from Dualit, saving about £60. Only in gloss red though, (don't think this colour is available any longer, seems to have been replaced… Read more

Yes, this isn't the toaster that Dualit are famous for, I'm sure it'll work though.


Still makes the same cuppa


Cold from me.


Cheapest price for red Kettle on Amazon has been £63.99 and Toaster £65 so good price all in, even if you havn't a time machine..


Never said that and you know that, so it's not worth the hassle you trying to be funny as it's not remotely funny. Internet shopping forum wars is not for me so carry on if you wish.

Free Capsule Sample Pack of Coffee / Tea (Nespresso compatible) @ Dualit
Found 16th Jan 2017Found 16th Jan 2017
Free Capsule Sample Pack of Coffee / Tea (Nespresso compatible) @ Dualit
Try before you buy! Claim your free Dualit Nespresso® compatible* capsules today. You'll receive samples of two NX® coffee blends and two Fine Tea flavours to tantalise your taste… Read more






Free Dualit Nespresso Capsule Sample Pack
Found 29th Oct 2016Found 29th Oct 2016
Free Dualit Nespresso Capsule Sample Pack
Free sample pack of their new nespresso compatible coffee and tea pods. Think it is 2 tea, 2 coffee. No idea what they are like. Generally not a fan of the compatible pods fro… Read more

Sorry! Due to popular demand, we are currently out of stock of capsule sample packs.


thanks op


Looks like OOS


I put my email address in the box and nothing happens?


All worked fine thanks

Dualit Stand Mixer, Half Price, £149.98 - Dualit
Found 23rd Mar 2015Found 23rd Mar 2015
Dualit Stand Mixer, Half Price, £149.98 - Dualit
Looks like a good alternative to a Kitchenaid, and all the reviews seem to be very positive, and that's at full price. Seems like a big of a bargain if you need a good stand mixer… Read more

i have a dualit Blender, and the motor is **** awesome, dont use over the 3rd speed even for thick sauces and. and if im not mistaken they are Made in the UK.


Here... Also customer reviews on JL, HOF etc and it's cropped up in a couple of top 10s (think the telegraph was one)


Where abouts did you find "all of the reviews" I would love to read them, maybe I got the Friday night one.


I have been watching the price of Kitchenaid mixers, they have excellent reviews and all of the cooking programs on Tv use this make. I then had an email from Dualit with this half price offer and I know only too well that Dualit are decent quality. I tried to find reviews on the mixer but they are few and far between which I thought strange. I decided to go ahead and ordered one. Whe it arrived I was very impressed with the quality look of it and was so impressed I decided to order 3 more for my 3 daughters birthday present. Over the next 2 days I tried the mixer out and was surprised at how noisey it was even at slow speed, when I decided to bake a small loaf, the recipe advised to make the mix using the dough hook for 10 minutes on medium speed, 2 minutes later I am holding on like grim death as the mixer started moving around my worktop. I am utterly amazed at the poor performance of this machine, as a result I have cancelled the other 3 and sent my own mixer back for a refund. Interestingly customer service said thay hadn't sold many of them but was surprised at the bad experience I had had. If you order one make sure you try it out within the 14 days, if your not satisfied send it back for a refund. Very surprised from this normally excellent company......I am in the market for a Kitchenaid.


Bargain.Thanks for putting it on here and making mewant it when i cant afford it :( But if i had the cash i would have bought it.

Dualit black gloss hand mixer £37.35 delivered @ Dualit Ltd
Found 17th Jan 2015Found 17th Jan 2015
Dualit black gloss hand mixer £37.35 delivered @ Dualit Ltd
With five speeds and a variety of attachments, Dualit's hand mixer is a true multi-tasker for aspiring chefs. Whether you need to whisk up egg whites, knead bread dough or create t… Read more

takw off the name and its worth 9.99


My mum and I have both owned these and had the gears inside fail (out of warranty). It wasn't any better than the one I've since picked up for a tenner.


Looks great, if it wasn't for the fact that bought a hand mixer 2 weeks ago I'd go for this. Heat from me.