Dubai Return £252 many June dates @ Kayak

Dubai Return £252 many June dates @ Kayak

Found 9th Jan 2016
Many June dates from £252 return London to Dubai (Ukraine Air) or £259 KLM

sample dates 15 June - 22 JUne
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Fire sale.
Any vacancies for Nov 4th?
Some good deals from Inverness with KLM, from £234
ramadhan 2016
some good prices from Newcastle too. £272. some with decent lay over times
Dubai in June AND Ukraine Air!!! - no thanks :-)
take out a life policy if you don't have any first.
UIA is absolutely fine as an airline, flew them several times last year with no complaints - new aircraft and great service. Understand why some would be hesitant considering all the trouble in Ukraine, but Kiev and other western parts of Ukraine are safe, especially if you're just changing planes. Though with just £7 difference with KLM it'd certainly choose KLM in this circumstance, as it's the better airline out of the two. Great find op, heat.

ramadhan 2016

Went during Ramadan 2015. No problems had beach to ourself .Just show a bit of common sense and it's fine.After 7pm it business as usual.

take out a life policy if you don't have any first.

Thanks for your obviously highly informed comment....
scorching hot
both deal and climate

scorching hotboth deal and climate

Just need to find a hot deal on a hotel now........

Just need to find a hot deal on a hotel now........

Got to be careful it's not TOO hot of a hotel now...
If only it was a couple of weeks later...
Not voting either way as it's always this price. A deal is what I paid for three tickets (two adults and a child) to Dubai during the Feb half term-£480 on Pegasus Air from London Stansted with a very short layover in Istanbul.

Those looking at doing Dubai at a more pleasant (weatherwise) time of the year or the Easter break perhaps, I would recommend keeping an eye out for cheap fares on Skyscanner or Mormondo rather than booking this non deal..
Ramadan in June so not everything will be open
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