Dublin Pass from 2.75 Euros

Dublin Pass from 2.75 Euros

Found 4th Nov 2013
Thanks to the Original poster from the other post

But with another code you can get this another 20% off which means you can get the Dublin pass from 2.75 euros for 2 days

So enter the following codes one by one

( Total Savings €52.25 )
Sub Total €2.75
Shipping: Calculated During Checkout
Enter Discount code:

KEYNOTE 20% off
AUTUMN13 get 15% off all 2, 3 and 6 day Dublin Passes when you order online
CONF2014 Conference Organisers 20% discount.

100% off

Use code KEYNOTE2 for 20% more discount and dont use the 15% discount code !
- NRE123
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Quantity Price Ext. Price

DA 2 Day Dublin Pass (Adult) 1 €55.00 €55.00

Free Dublin Pass Guide Book With Every Card 1 €0.00 €0.00

Total Savings -€52.25
SubTotal: €2.75
Shipping: Collection at Dublin Airport €0.00
Total: €2.75
Absolutely AMAZING deal! I went for 3 days about 3 weeks ago and got my pass for €35 for 3 days. It gives some great deals for this price!!!
Free entry to Guinness, Jameson distillery, Dublin zoo, gaol (jail) and much more! Great find OP! HOT
Plus...if you purchase now it is valid for 1 year from date of purchase so if you are planning on going to dublin within the next year this is a no brainer! Card is activated when first used (I.e swiped at first attraction). I'm tempted to buy at this price in case I go again next year.
This is an unbelievable deal, just purchased a couple for me and my wife as we have been wanting to go to Dublin for a while and this will make our trip that much more enjoyable!
Hi ... this is my first post so hope it works. Firstly, thanks OP this is an excellent deal, I am going to Dublin early next year and almost bought this at full price. Secondly, I was playing around with the discount codes and entered;

KEYNOTE2 = 20% off!

I bought 2 x 2 days passes and paid a grand total of 11 EUR, which included UK delivery.

Cheers again.
superb! just got 2 x adults and a child for €7.05 lets hope they honour it
Just bought 2 adult and 3 childrens tickets for a total of 5.50 euro....that's a few xmas presents sorted.
Just hope that the orders go through ok and are accepted?!?!
Amazing deal , just paid euro12.35 plus 5.50 postage for 2adlts and 3 chd for 3day passes .Not planning to travel until next spring so I paid for UK delivery just in case .

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How do you get it for this price?
Nice find but couldn't you have added this post to the original?

Nice find but couldn't you have added this post to the original?

Added in the comments section
HUKD DDOS attack on dublinpass.ie
Been trying to order for 10 minutes. Broken site.
How do you get it for this price?]

order the passes you want then go through the stages to where you can add codes.
Then add the codes one at a time (you do not need to remove each one first )

I booked mine before the final code was added ....

Great post ramkmr
Does anyone know when these passes expire if ordered today?

I didn't have any plans to visit Dublin but this is a nice little incentive to do so!
Ah, T's and C's page finally loaded, 12 months from today.
No wonder Ireland in the sh_t
May as well be free it's that cheap ah well bought 2 fir next year
Thanks op
30 min after finaly did it doneeeeee
thanks op

Your Dublin Pass Receipt

Total Savings -€123.50
SubTotal: €6.50
Shipping: Post to EU & UK (5 - 14 days) €5.50
Total: €12.00
Great find OP, unfortunately page won't load at the moment, probably due to unexpected demand!
my orders just gone through...let's hope they don't charge the £210!!

Not having any luck with this. The website seems to be experiencing very heavy traffic, as it is taking at least a minute to load every stage of the process, and my order has been declined twice, with the message "Order Declined, Please Contact Customer Service".
I've tried but it is not accepting the last 2 codes - IAC2014 MCI or ICEMA2012 MCI - says 'Promotion code not found'. I tried them as quoted above, and I also tried them without a space between 4 and M, but still no good.
Am I quoting these codes correctly ?
There's no MCI in the code. Just enter the first part
Thanks ordered it will wait and see if it arrives seems too good to be true
Took me about an hour but finally got 2 ordered, thanks
I got an order in and went for the 3 days just in case :-)
Also took nearly an hour but finally gone through (€11 delivered for 2 2-day passes)

Thanks so much op - wife and I off to Dublin next year for anniversary and this has saved a bomb. Let's just hope it's honoured, hehe.
Somehow I managed to get 4 2-day passes for free...just delivery to pay
keeps saying card type field required but no way to pick card type:(
Taken me 45 mins but got 2 x 3 day passes for €12 delivered
Amazing, I order at yesterdays price, should have waited!
anyone know how to pick card type?

anyone know how to pick card type?

You dont pick it, it senses from the number you enter.

But anyway I cant get it to work keep getting "Order Declined, Please Contact Customer Service"
Finally got my order accepted.
try on mobile if you have one...it seemed to work better on my phone than laptop.
new card worked but giving me this now

Order Declined, Please Contact Customer Service
I can believe this actually worked...

2 Adults (3 days)
1 Child (3 days)
2 Irish oyster cards with 10 EUR each
Shipping to UK

TOTAL €25.50 45 minutes later...
If we would have had 2 more codes they would ended up paying us

Now i just have to find a flight for £20 and a hotel for £30 and its all good...

Cheers OP. This was the most amazing find ever...

seems that website wont accept my visa and master card...
I'm from Dublin and I might even get this myself , great deal, I remember seeing it the last time but it slipped my mind.
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