Dubois Caron Champagne Brut 750ml only £6 @ ASDA Online

Dubois Caron Champagne Brut 750ml only £6 @ ASDA Online

Found 21st Nov 2012
Stumbled across this on the ASDA groceries website whilst trying to find some cheap fizz for a party.

Seems a bloody good price for champagne, does appear to limit you to 3 per order however, still a good price!

Product Code: 3172982
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coming up as £24.xx for me
£24 for me

Op where are you, does that make a difference to what ordering system you are on?
Good deals on Cava instore
This is £6 instore.
£24 online and sold out.
Not in Paisley, no stock
Mmmm £6 or £24.
£6.00 in store and posted before the reason I know I got two bottles from crewe store must be 4 or 5 days ago now so is a good deal but posted already
My friend and I have bought a load for her wedding. Took crates to the till. No limit in ours store :-) hands worth in Sheffield.
You have got to be flaming kidding, It has only been posted about a billion times. Good deal if you can get it. Spam, if you have seen the post a few times.
I went into store and it was total waste of my time. £10 not £6
not in Chadderton - don't think they have it
Shefield Handworth Store still has stocks at £6
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