Duchess DVD - £9.75 at Sainsburys (in store only)

Duchess DVD - £9.75 at Sainsburys (in store only)

Found 16th Mar 2009
Just picked up a copy of The Duchess from Sainsburys (Derby) for £9.97 (good prezzy from my little lad to the missus for Mother's Day!) - only released today and the cheapest online seems to be £11.98 at Amazon (and is delivered from Jersey) - it's marked up as £9.97, but they discount the VAT at checkout bringing it down to £9.75....


The Duchess of Sainsbury?

Similarly I bought one for Mother's Day - seems the ideal present when you can't think of anything else.

This price just beat the £9.77 I paid in Morrisons - it was marked as £11.99 but scanned at the lower price. Handy if Morrisons is more local to you - beats all the online prices I found.
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