Duck Tales Series 1 only £6.99 (£12.99 RRP) delivered

Duck Tales Series 1 only £6.99 (£12.99 RRP) delivered

Found 20th Feb 2007
This is the lowest price for the newly released Duck Tales Series 1 (next best price online seems to be £7.56 at DVDi). It has 3 DVDs and a total running time of 460 minutes which should make for around 15(?) 30 minute episodes. Not a bad deal although annoyingly this doesn't seem to be the same as the US version of Series 1 which has 27 episodes. Of course if it did it would probably cost more as well but still...:-)

Also buy through Quidco for an 5% off.

PS.It is temporarily out of stock but you can still order it.

PPS. You can also get series 1 of Chip 'N Dales for the same price (3 DVDs again).



£2 voucher, if you can get your order over £10…dvd

I have seen this for £5 instore at Asda on the weekend.......

Yes I can confirm my g/f got ducktales and chip n' dale rescue rangers from ASDA for not much more than £5 for each set.

Its finally been released! omg I've waited so long to own these!

Oh and if I remember correctly ducktales was a lot shorter then 30mins, I'd go so far as guessin just over 15mins so I bet it has 27 episodes like US
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