Duck Warfare - FREE was 89p @ Google Play Store

Duck Warfare - FREE was 89p @ Google Play Store

Found 25th Feb 2018
Protect your park from being taken from you by the GÜSCO corporation!

The GÜSCO (pronounced goose-co) corporation is trying to take your park! Join forces with over 20 ducks and fight for your home in the quackiest game ever!
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Accidentally voted cold as i was scrolling past on my phone
Obviously its hot
Great little game, bit of fun and well worth downloading for free
Downloaded it, played for 10 mins, boring
Kfc warefare
I'm glad I didn't pay for this. Saw that it was free and downloaded it. Played it for about five minutes before I got bored. Others may like it though, just felt too repetitive and mind numbing to me.
Trace6x3 h, 22 m ago

KFC serve chicken

Not at the moment they don't.
Bit short, but the the ending was amazing, can't complain for the price
Good game enjoying it thanks
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