Ducky RGB shine 5 keyboard £99.95 overclockers

Ducky RGB shine 5 keyboard £99.95 overclockers



One of the best keyaboard ;)))

Hope you're not using one, 'keyaboard', indeed.

£14 cheaper than anywhere else I could find. Good spot.

Does this price include the OCUK delivery tax?

£109.85 including delivery for non-forum members

Shine 6 for release just after chinese new year. OCUK just clearings stock not even a deal as shipping is expensive. (yes iam a forum member but not everyone is.)

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Hah peoole and thier knowlege.... its 50 quid less then normal ? Ducky have for me the Best od the best i got pbt keycaps from them on k65 tsss amazing feel

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plus ocuk have free delivery nerds up to 4pm on 23th my two last really hoot deals are cold ? WTF u muslim or what

I'm not even sure what language you were aiming for there.

What a moron..
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