Due South complete series only £58.72 - 18 discs @ Network DVD

Due South complete series only £58.72 - 18 discs @ Network DVD

Found 16th Jan 2009
Everyone else seems to be jumping on the NetworkDVD sale bandwagon, so I thought I would see if there's room for one more...

He may have been trained to survive in a hostile wilderness but nothing prepared Constable Benton Fraser of the RCMP (Paul Gross) to become a resident of Chicago. And nothing could have prepared the population of Chicago for him, Diefenbaker - his deaf, lip-reading wolf - and their unique way of cleaning up crime in the Windy City! His unofficial partnership with detective Ray Vecchio (David Marciano and Callum Keith Rennie) continues throughout this complete box set of all three original series, which also features guest star Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun) as flatulent Mountie Buck Frobisher.

Quite good fun actually. See if you can spot when they change the dog that plays the dog.


one of my absolute favourite shows, Season 3 is almost impossible to find! (I had the R1 box set but the picture quality was awful, so I upgraded)

got every series (1-4) for less than £22 delivered from amazon.com (actually was less than 16 at the time). Cheap and cheerful version (with season 4 included although it says 1-3) but it's still every episode for a lot less than £58


That's the one I have too, really terrible picture quality and zero extras, but watchable. The R2's are so much better.

i loved this show would like to mark hot for the reason alone but way too expensive!

used to love this but way too expensive for it
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