Due South: Series 2 £13.99@DVDSource

Due South: Series 2 £[email protected]

Found 21st Dec 2009
For those who own the first season (and so can't justify buying the complete set i posted earlier), The Complete Second Season of this amazing TV Show is also available for £13.99 at DVDSource. Next cheapest is £17.85 at Zavvi. The cheapest you can get Series 3 is £17.85 at Zavvi.

Complete second series of the popular television drama, about Benton Fraser (Paul Gross), an upstanding and unorthodox Canadian mountie who arrives in Chicago to solve his father's murder. Deciding to stick around and work for the Candian consulate, Benton teams up with cynical cop Ray Vecchio (David Marciano), and the two men demonstrate their differing approach to police work. In this series, Ray is declared dead after an insurance mix up, and Fraser investigates after a man claims his girlfriend was abducted by aliens.


used to hate this programme

used to love this programme

The Power;7298449

used to love this programme

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