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Duel (Spielberg) HD £3.99 to Buy @ Amazon Prime Video

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Fantastic movie

Steven Spielberg directs Duel, a thriller about a motorist terrorized by an evil truck starring Dennis Weaver as the traveling salesman waging a desperate battle for survival. Screenplay by Richard Matheson (I am Legend)

David Mann (Dennis Weaver), a mild mannered electronics salesman, is driving cross-country on a two-lane highway when he encounters an old oil tanker driven by an unseen driver who seems to enjoy annoying him with dangerous antics on the road. Unable to escape the demonic big rig, David finds himself in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the monstrous truck. When the pursuit escalates to deadly levels, David must summon his inner warrior and turn the tables on his tormentor.
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    He did some early Colombo episodes also.
    Colombo used to be aired under the mystery movie banner,Also McCloud with Dennis Weaver ,star of this film,and McMillan and wife(Rock Hudson)
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    Made for TV but when execs saw it, they put it into cinemas as it was so good. And so the Spielberg story began... (edited)
    It did well on television and Universal decided to release it overseas, so Spielberg was brought in to add some footage as it was too short for a theatrical release. He did a couple of more years with television before The Sugarland Express in '74 and Jaws the year after.
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    Absolutely brilliant movie I watched back in the day, this movie made people notice a certain young Steven Spielberg, i know a lot of trivia eg. Towards the end when car driver thinks he sees a cop but it's a Pest control man and look carefully it says "Grebleips" pest control which is a calling card but spelt backwards of course. Anyways no more spoilers, thx for posting this I'm gonna buy it, haven't seen for a while... (edited)
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    That Jaws inspired poster is just genius
    Yes, I want that as a poster!

    Not the original artwork surely? I wish it was...but had the connection been made at that time?
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    I can't believe Spielberg's storytelling is being questioned just because of his recent work! His 70s and 80s offerings puts him as a modern day Shakespeare for me
    Good for you.
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    This is such a gripping movie, really tense and mesmerising. Love it 🔥
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    Classic chase film 🔥🔥🔥
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    I remember watching this as a kid on TV back in the 70s. Gave me nightmares. Haven't seen it since, so not sure if it's as creepy as I imagined.
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    Great must watch movie.
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    Yep great film!
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    "I'm lookin for Candy!.. Cane!"
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    Full movie is on YouTube
    Great call, know anymore on YouTube?
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    Blast to the past..Dennis weaver I think......? HOT.......thanks OP....
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    Brilliant film. I'd love to see a 4k bluray release for this
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    They don't make them as gritty as this anymore....Classic
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    Makes you wonder if he had fixed his radiator hose, if the outcome would have been different...?
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    it sure aint Weaver.
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    Shouldn't have made a comment on this...
    Coolant hose went on the works van!
    A very slow crawl back to the depot.
    No menacing tanker behind me though.
    That's Karma! (edited)
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    This is an excellent film to watch. Underrated.
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