Duke Nuke 'em Forever - Xbox360 - £34.70 delivered @Amazon

Duke Nuke 'em Forever - Xbox360 - £34.70 delivered @Amazon

Found 9th Jun 2011
Not seen this cheaper but please if I'm wrong give me the link!


Seems to be the best price for release day. General consensus is this will drop like a stone though, so only recommended for the truly Duke-obsessed.
Edited by: "Kodoku" 9th Jun 2011

I got my collectors edition through today and been having some old fashion fun with it.

Been waiting 13years for this game to come out and where its not to everyones taste people that played duke 3d back in the day will love it.

"Nuke'em"? We fans are saddened. It sounds like he has hiccups.:p
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