Duke Nukem Forever (PC) - £20.99 @ Base / 101CD / DVD.CO.UK / blah!
Duke Nukem Forever (PC) - £20.99 @ Base / 101CD / DVD.CO.UK / blah!

Duke Nukem Forever (PC) - £20.99 @ Base / 101CD / DVD.CO.UK / blah!

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Update - Price has been upped again. Please vote to expire.

As expected, barely over a week since its release and we're already seeing our first £17.99 for this


Come get some!:D

Not worth it

wait another couple of weeks and it'll be £4.99

Wow thats cheap! Hot

Cheap - Voted Hot!

Average price for an over hyped average game

Even £2.99 would be a rip off for this garbage.

Original Poster

Well, you're entitled to your hyperbolic opinion I suppose. As much as I'm entitled to respectfully disagree.

Overhyped? I have been following this for a while, and never saw anything resembling 'hype.' I saw the odd trailer, which every game gets, and that was about it.

Overpriced by about £20

Waiting for it to drop to around £9.99, it's really not worth more.

Cold. Not worth such a crap game

the ISHTAR of games

think I'm going to wait for the price to be less than a tenner before I try it, in the meantime will carry on playing Daikatana

I enjoyed it. Alot of people saying it was over hyped but It delivered everything that it promised in the trailers. Even when Duke 3D was released people were saying it was out of date compared to Quake. But it was still Alot of fun.

oh wow! drop in price already. nice!

Belongs in the bargain bucket.

Worth playing?

Played it on 360, load times were horrific, as are the graphics. I could forgive all that if the gameplay was good. It isn't. If you do want this, hang on for a while I can see this getting cheaper quite quickly.


i waited 14 years for this and it sucks beyond belief....and that's coming from a huge Duke Nukem fan. Avoid.

Following the trend of most games these days, dropping in price quickly.

Not a bad game in my opinion, just dont buy for console and certainly dont go into the game thinking its something to compare against CoD, enjoy it for what it is, good solid 6/10 for me no more or less :).

Not worth it.
Graphics for todays "top title" , "eargerly awaited" etc etc are below par ( still good but no where near what they should be)
Gameplay was completely dull and void , even for an off the shelf "shooter"

As a "joe bloggs" game its a 5/10
As one of the most eargerly awaited sequels for the last xx years its pure garbage.

Voted cold because i really can buy **** cheaper.

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Surprised this one got hot. It was a good deal when it was posted, if you wanted to give DNF a try, but this was a week ago and I would have expected it to be beaten by now. It hasn't, and the price has in fact gone up to £20.99 on this deal. It's still the best price, but I'm disappointed people were too busy falling over each other to say how crap the game is than point that out.
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I know there are plenty that say it's a load of junk, but look at the early 1998 (!) trailer for the game - It certainly got better (ish) over the years (_;)


Things had moved on a bit by 2001, but not by much!

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People say it's crap because it is. I wish it were not so..

People say it's crap because it is. I wish it were not so..

Game would be OK if it had come out 5 years ago. The delays just show how much gaming has moved on in the meantime. Worth a tenner at best.

It kept me interested enough to play it through in one sitting, it was a bit of mindless fun but nothing ground breaking.
The real shame is the multiplayer actually seems like it could be a lot of fun but there are a few showstopper problems which will kill off the community if they don't fix them quickly, for Example:
- No cheat protection, people are already running with aim bots & unlimited health & there's currently nothing to stop them.
- P2P hosting - meaning that it's almost impossible to find a lag free match, there are dedicated servers but from what I've read they are next to useless.

With the terrible reviews, I think it might be better waiting until it's sub £10.

poor game and overpirced even at this should be freeware COLD
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With the price at the base group stores now £30.29 this deal is well and truly dead, with the current best price now £22.98 from Coolshop. Despite what the trolls are saying, Duke is holding his price for a little while longer.

Expired now £17.99
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