Duke Nukem Forever (PC) pre-order. To be released on 06-05-2011 @ Gamegears
Duke Nukem Forever (PC) pre-order. To be released on 06-05-2011 @ Gamegears

Duke Nukem Forever (PC) pre-order. To be released on 06-05-2011 @ Gamegears

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Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever brings back the king of action in a highly anticipated game set to pummel players with unprecedented interactivity, variety, realism, and Duke's special whoop-ass brand of humor. The first in-house Duke Nukem game by 3D Realms since Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem Forever promises to deliver an intense and hysterical FPS experience, with stunningly detailed characters in expansive interactive maps. Motion captured animation and realistic area-sensitive damage take realism to scary new heights, and make picking off those alien **** all the more fun.

This game is and has been (if you haven't been following gaming news throughout the many eras and epochs that this game has been in the works) the perpetually-anticipated fourth in the series. The game's development saga is legendary, including a switch from the Quake engine to the Unreal engine and a string of unofficial release dates that stretch from 1998 to 20006 and beyond. Technically, developer 3D Realms has always promised the release of Duke Nukem Forever, "When it's done." As of this writing, the game is not yet done, but it is still in the works, and the promise is that, one of these days, you or your offspring will enjoy the fruits of almost a decade of hard labor for 3D Realms.


I hope people will boycott this game. They have just been stringing everyone on for years with it, and I hope it backfires spectacularly.

OOOOOOooooooooooooo cant wait! THIS game is going to be AMAAAAAAAAZING or maybe not

Did Not Finish -> DNF
Duke Nukem Forever -> DNF


I have a feeling DNF will follow in Civ 5's footsteps, and be the biggest disappointment of the year.

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Information I have is that game is definitely going to be released on confirmed date


I pre-ordered this in 2002.

Always bet on Duke,

By the time this is finished it's going to be like releasing the original Manic Miner on PS3.

Oh dear, that's not the release date I heard a few months ago. Seems its starting to slip already...
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