Dulux Paint Pod £35 @ B&Q

Dulux Paint Pod £35 @ B&Q

Found 20th Sep 2009
Dulux Paint Pod this is not the compact one. this one clean's it's self... it's not online at the moment by the looks of it

But £35 in my local store.

Also the compact one is £25



this will probably get slated as the one yesturday did

but worth a post if anyone whats one heat added

worth a post as it is a good discount but slated for the reason that it takes more time, hassle and cost that the old fashion way

I had two of these, the first didn't work out of the box, the second stopped working after one use

Not all technology is a step forward - and this proves it

Its also £34 not £35

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Direct link : diy.com/diy…501

£34 online.

cold from me no better than doing it yourself with watered down paint that costs more than normal paint

Used mine once and never again ! MUCH quicker the old way

A good deal But the thing itself is pants, leaves a patchy finish. You will be disappointed :x
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