Dulux Paint Pod Compact was £44.98 now £11 @ Tesco

Dulux Paint Pod Compact was £44.98 now £11 @ Tesco

LocalFound 25th Jan 2012
Spotted instore next to some '5 a side football kits' for £3.

"With the Dulux PaintPod roller system, painting can be easier, faster and cleaner. The Dulux PaintPod is a power assisted roller that enables you to control the flow of the paint onto the roller.
It also has a triangular edging brush which helps make light work of the edges and corners before walls are painted."
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was £5 last month, didnt bother as it looks like one of those things that fixes a problem that never existed
ive got 3 of these in the shed from last years wilko offer (buy tin of dulux & get this free). the tins they use are more expensive than regular tins, my friend used hers and says its good coverage, but im yet to use ours!
ok until you try clean it. used it once threw it away it's rubbish
I got one of these before when B&Q were giving them away with any Dulux product.

I found cleaning it was very easy, connect to a tap with supplied tap connector and leave in sink with water running, only messy part was washing the roller itself which is as normal and to be expected.

DO NOT attempt to paint ceiling with this, quite heavy compared to a normal roller but painting walls was very easy indeed as not need to stop to dip roller into a tray, very quick.

Coverage with PaintPod paint was good, but when finished a slightly watered down normal Dulux gave better coverage.

To summarise if I was doing 1 room I would use a normal roller&tray, but I was painting an entire 3bed house last year with this and made it easier IMO.

Is it worth £11 ? Only if painting multiple rooms, if only doing 1 room stick to normal roller&tray.

Not voted either way as the product itself is good, but has been got for a lot cheaper and also free in most cases previously..

Always clean my roller with one of those spinning bits (can't think of the name, sorry) that fit to your drill. Place a bin bag in bucket and spin in it there for 60 secs then wash...Takes about 90 secs
Its £45 in London or you can buy the paint for £38 and get the pod free!!!! £11 indeed..........
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