Unfortunately, this deal has expired 11 October 2022.
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Posted 11 September 2022

Dulux Trade Weathershield Masonry Paint 2.5L Light Base - £6 (limited locations) + Free Click & Collect @ Jewson

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Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth 2.5 litres light base masonry paint is an exterior quality emulsion paint based acrylic resin with a professional quality and durable finish. The product provides a long lasting coating with good adhesion and resistance to moisture and alkali attack. A smooth paint tolerant to showers or cold weather during application and can be applied to masonry surfaces at virtually any time. The product is easy to apply with a drying time of 2 to 4 hours and provides a good coverage of 16m2/l.

Features & benefits
  • Contains fungicide to inhibit mould growth
  • Quick drying ensures low dirt pickup
  • Moisture resistant , can be used in high humidity region
  • Low odour
  • Weatherproof
Jewson More details at Jewson
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    7.5l tins are currently on offer at Dulux decorators centre (white and magnolia) for £28.79 if that colour works better for you

    yes not quite as cheap and you must buy 7.5l but it might help somebody
    PS plenty of stock
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    Thanks OP. For the first time the Jewson website actually let me buy something! They must have fixed it?
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    What's the usual non-clearance price?

    How can it be a "deal" without knowing how much it's been cut to?
    This would cost you £43.07 from a Dulux Centre, but that is mixed to your choice of colour.
    The base paint, as said, needs colourant added and then mechanically shaken.
    The colourant or " tint" as it is known, simply adds colour, it adds nothing as far as the final consistency in concerned.
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    This is just a light base for tinting to a light colour, ask how much tinting is first
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    Good price but none really near me.

    If it helps anyone Shrewsbury is showing as having stock.
  6. Avatar
    Light base = white?
    It's white to look at, but not a "true' white. Masonry paint is often sold in Pure Brilliant White, so it really pings when it goes on.
    It would definitely go in as it is, and look white enough.
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    Collected mine today. Funny click and collect as it was not reserved for me and held seperately , they just picked them off the shelf after you arrived.
    As others have alluded "light base " is not intended as a colour. You choose a colour and Jewson will mix it with "light base ", but then it is going to be very expensive.
    Would be interested if anyone puts " light base "on neat and if it works?
    Or link any other masonry paint you can mix it with, that does not cost an arm and a leg?
    Jewson have odd c&c systems. Ours (York), always have them on flat bed trolleys as you exit the store….9 times out of 10, there’s 3 peoples orders on one trolley! Definitely prefer B&Q for c&c, they seem to have a process that works. (edited)
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    Thank you op, got 2, heat!
  9. Avatar
    12.6 miles
    Newcastle Rd, West Heath, Congleton, CW12 4HD, United Kingdom

    Finally, something near me! Thanks.
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    To far for me to pick up, great deal thought.
    same here 30 miles nearest to me but good price if you can get it close to you
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    Got the last one in town! Thanks 😁
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    Jewsons C&C is a farce. Spent 10 minutes today to collect this. I showed them the text with code but still the guy fumbled around with sheets of paper, looked in the storeroom for the paint, asked his mates and finally found it under the counter. Then another 5 minutes to "bring it up on the system" so I could sign for it and get a receipt.
    On other occasions the items haven't been there at all (again after searching the whole warehouse) and wasted journeys of several miles. Completely broken system.
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    Oos almost everywhere
  14. Avatar
    Heat for the price, but unfortunately rather poor availability across the board.
  15. Avatar
    A fair bit of stock in North Wales, but a bit too far for me to go from the Wirral