Dumb & Dumber/Dumb & Dumberer: 2dvd: Box Set - £5.99

Dumb & Dumber/Dumb & Dumberer: 2dvd: Box Set - £5.99

Found 10th Sep 2006
Dumb And Dumber - Moronic limo driver Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey), and equally dense dog groomer Harry Dune (Jeff Daniels) travel in their “sheepdog van” from Rhode Island to Colorado to return a briefcase full of cash to a beautiful socialite (Lauren Holly), engaging in all sorts of gross, slapstick humour along the way!

Dumb And Dumberer - Now in their formative high school years, Harry (Derek Richardson) and Lloyd (Eric Christian Olsen) become friends for life after a chance meeting on the first day of classes. But even as they crack "the big show" (a.k.a. high school), Harry and Lloyd become unwitting pawns in a scheme by Principal Collins (Eugene Levy) and his girlfriend, head lunch lady Ms. Heller (Mimi Rogers), to bilk the school out of $100,000...


Mock... ye-ah

I used to go round singing that all the time. I really enjoyed these movies, haven't seen them in years though.

Good find centurion

And 6% cashback through Quidco! SOLD!!! :-D Nice Find!!! :thumbsup:

Love these films.

The first film was great, but didn't like the second one... just didn't work to my mind.
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