Dump The Junk (Various Items) @ BigPockets

Dump The Junk (Various Items) @ BigPockets

Found 25th Apr 2009
"We have recently aquired a huge shipment of excess stock products. We want to get them flying through the doors so we have put them all together in our new Dump The Junk section!"

I was having a nosey around and saw BigPockets had a rather strange promotion. As it says above, they got a load of excess stock (mostly Argos but the looks of things) and are trying to flog them. I'm not a fan of BigPockets, but thought I would have a look anyhow.

The page is a mess - I'll be honest. Just a huge list of items, no descriptions. But if you look closely, all of them are real deals and MUCH cheaper than what the other retailers are selling them for. You will almost certainly have to search elsewhere for what the item description is and even then, you could get the item wrong

Reebok 4pc Floor Guards are £6.83 - Cheapest (according to google) is £19.50 at John Lewis
3 Draw Storage Chest £5.01 - I'm guessing this is one of the plastic things on Argos going for £25 ish.
1/2kW Flat Fan Heater £5.91 - Argos Value version (2.4kW) is £14.69, see what I mean about the descriptors? :-/
Sony DCR-HC22 Mini DV Camcorder £159.33 - not going to give a retail price cause this camera is years old to be honest.

Not gone through a lot of the items, but thought it worth a mention. Oh, delivery is separate. I've got my coat on just in case


Not the easiest of lists to go through is it ! and no pictures either. . .


Not the easiest of lists to go through is it ! and no pictures either. . … Not the easiest of lists to go through is it ! and no pictures either. . .


Cold. A lot of this is very expensive for what it is.

I think it's wrong phrase to use for marketing "new Dump The Junk section" who wants junk?

No better than the "Bags Of Crap".
This list is hard work and from what I have managed to look at looks expensive.

shame the descriptions arent better as i saw a few things i was interested in, but a lot of the items dont look cheaper than normal

sorry cold as no info and no photos

Cold. I just compared a couple of products from that site against other Google matches, and found most stuff not much differently priced to other Internet retailers such as the Sat Navs.

If you're looking to buy this stuff, wait for it to appear on Boffer (they usually have a "Sell-Off" to get rid of the crap that people dont buy from bigpockets), or hunt through and see if any bargains exist
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