Dune Box Set (TV Series) only £6.99 delivered @ Play.com + Quidco!

Dune Box Set (TV Series) only £6.99 delivered @ Play.com + Quidco!

Found 17th Oct 2008
A more thorough adaption of Frank Herbert's beloved sci-fi book than the 1984 David Lynch version, this Sci-Fi Channel miniseries follows the Atreides family's escapades on the desert planet Arrakis. In the year 10191, people are fighting for the Melange spice that exclusively exists on Arrakis. While the indigenous Arrakeen wait for their Messiah to free them from the corrupt Harkonnens, the family Atreides endures infighting and political intrigue.


Good spot - ordered a copy.
Gave up when it was on TV - I can't cope with the adverts.
Enjoyed the books a few years back though!

Good adaptation of the greatest books of all time! Long live the fighters!!

Great spot, well worth the money, i'd be buying except i already have them.

And every Dune book, and version of the film, roll on Dune 2010! :thumbsup:

Out of stock, it seems.
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