Dunelm mill  Leather nourishing and protection cream from £3.99 to 99p

Dunelm mill Leather nourishing and protection cream from £3.99 to 99p

LocalFound 28th Feb 2013
found in dunelm mill nottingham near the tills.
£3.99 but 75% off
bought for my leather sofa ( before any pervy comments are made)
i even tried it on my leather boots lol
did wonder if would be any good but tried today and its just as good as the stuff i was purchasing from CSL for £45.00
couldnt find it on their website but they did have loads instore near all the tills.

there was also ironing water, floor cleaners etc all reduced by atleast 75%

this cream is very good and is very easy to use.
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Heat! Did it work on your boots?
link help to find it on their website might be good
sorry just saw you could not find it online
yes it worked well on my boots thanks.... hubby would have killed me if i had damaged the sofa lol so tried on my boots first.
never will i waste so much money with csl care packs again
Has anyone sent a tweet to David Dickinson? He could stock up X)

ON MY WAY..................................Y'ALL BETTER LEAVE ME SOME!!!

does it work on car seats?
Would this work on old skin?
i dont know if it works on car seats or not. its not suitable for coated leather, suede or nubuck which is all it says.
providing the leather is clean i guess it can be applied to anything as long as its not coated leather.... my hubby wants his leather steering whell cover done.. im wishing i never bought this stuff. although have to say doesnt take much cream to sort out my furniture so should last a while... better get myself back to the shop to stock up th lol
Sorry for the noobie question but what does it do.
conditions leather. so the leather doesnt dry out and start to crack. also conditions the stitching..

does it work on car seats?

Modern car seats have a clear coat on top of the leather, so nourishing and conditioning creams have no use. In fact they are probably detrimental as they can buff the leather and not actually clean.

You can buy proper cleaning products such as Dr Leather wipes but failing that just use warm water.
Great, will get a few tubs for the wife's face.
Will it work on a leather bed?
does it soften leather? I have a pair of boots I love but there a bit stiff and they rub a bit
use e45 cream on your hands and it does wonders for your car leather steering wheel.
No pervs on here, no sir. Now if I could just remove this chicken.....
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