Dungeon Maker Nintendo DS £4.88 @ delivered The Hut + cashback

Dungeon Maker Nintendo DS £4.88 @ delivered The Hut + cashback

Found 28th Sep 2009
Was listed over a month ago and expired - offer back on ...............Dungeon Maker Nintendo DS £4.88 @ delivered The Hut + cashback

Dungeon Maker is a new take on the dungeon-crawling adventure by letting players create their own levels. The more imaginative the design, the better monsters you will attract and slay, leading to a greater chance of acquiring treasures and magic powers. With a magic shovel to hand, you must create your own dungeon and then set a multitude of traps to ensnare an ever increasing variety of monsters!

Design a series of dungeons, mazes and corridors in order to attract bigger and better monsters. Kill monsters in order to create recipes with their meat. Cook their meat and grow stronger with each different recipe. Different meals have different effects on your strength. Learn new recipes from different people. Buy weapons and armour in order to improve your fighting skills. Buy and sell furniture to make your dungeons more appealing to monsters. Buy magic to equip yourself with a greater strength in order to defeat bigger and better monsters. Unique character development system.

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