Dungeons And Dragons - Complete Box Set (DVD) - Only £6.98 @ Choices UK

Dungeons And Dragons - Complete Box Set (DVD) - Only £6.98 @ Choices UK

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* All 27 episodes of the 80s animated series based on the fantasy role-play game. Episodes are: 'The Night of No Tomorrow', 'The Eye of the Beholder', 'The Hall of Bones', 'Valley of the Unicorns', 'In Search of the Dungeon Master', 'Beauty and the Bogbeast', 'The Prison Without Walls', 'Servant of Evil', 'Quest of the Skeleton Warrior', 'The Garden of Zinn', 'The Box', 'The Lost Children', 'P.R.E.S.T.O. Spells Disaster', 'The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow', 'The Treasure of Tardos', 'City at the Edge of Midnight', 'The Traitor', 'Day of the Dungeon Master', 'The Last Illusion', 'The Dragon's Graveyard', 'Child of the Stargazer', 'The Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn', 'The Time Lost', 'Odyssey of the Twelfth Talisman', 'Citadel of Shadow', 'The Winds of Darkness' and 'Cave of the Fairie Dragons'.


Great deal on a fantastic cartoon series. Shame they never made the final episode.

well worth it, gr8 series, they dont make it like this now a days

It's been floating around this price for a while now. Good series; average price. Luke Warm from me.

Link not working? Can't see it on the site either.

I love 80's cartoons. Kids today are seriously missing out.

The script for the (never produced) final episode has been online for years. Worth a quick read as there's a twist of sorts at the end...

The Unproduced Dungeons and Dragons Finale

expired? link not working

want to vote hot but 'Uni' was far too annoying

now this is more like it

Nice one guy, cool link.....think i wil invest. Sure wil bring back happy childhood memories
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